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Mothers from the Wizarding World - Part #1 (Entrainment)

Chapter 1

Happy (late) Mother’s Day to everyone! So, because our mothers have now been celebrated, I decided to write this special article!

Lily Potter 

The mum whom we know least in Harry Potter is, unfortunately, Lily Potter. Born into a Muggle family, the early years of her life were marked by the bad behavior of her sister, Petunia, who considered her a "freak" and so she called Lily that. Lily got her letter to Hogwarts when she was 10 years old and she then “met” the world of magic and eventually her love, James Potter. Sweet and approachable, she was an excellent student, a good friend and wife, and, of course, an excellent mother. Lily protected Harry with her love and sacrificed herself so that Harry could live. 


Molly Weasley

The most "explosive" mom in the world is, quite clearly, Molly Weasley. Her imposing personality manifested itself in every area of everyday life, from the way she did the housework in the Burrow to when she sent the howler to Ron when he stole his dad's car to fly to Hogwarts. Molly was always close to her children and supported them by giving them all the help. She considered Harry her own child and treated him just like the other seven. As a member of the Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War, Molly also fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, killing Bellatrix Lestrange after the latter attempted to attack Ginny Weasley. The"<b>Not my daughter, you bitch!</b>" which Molly exclaimed has stayed in the story forever.

I hope you enjoyed it! See you next week! 

Claire Angelina Herkins, HDN Writer

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