Second Years Guide to Ace Defense Against the Dark Arts: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for DADA-201. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Defense Against the Dark Arts Glossary

Chapter 1

Clabberts ⊱ A creature that looks slightly like both monkey & frog. This creature lives in trees.

Curse ⊱ Very dangerous & very harmful.

Disarming Charm ⊱ This spell is to end formal duels. While casting this spell, concentrate on your rival & their wand being thrown out of their hand.

Duel ⊱ A pair of witches or wizards who take part in a fight with magic.

Fear of the Internal Physical ⊱ Being scared of things that will harm the insides of your body.

Formal Duel ⊱ Only spells are used. Both sides will have a second, in which another duels the opponent in replacement of the first. The duel ends when one is unfit to battle any longer.

Full Body-Bind Curse ⊱ This spell is used to make your rival to become very stiff. Their arms & legs are stuck to their body like glue. Focus on your rival's body becoming stiff & unable to move.

Fully-Body Releasing Charm ⊱ This spell is used to undo the effects of the Full Body-Bind Curse.

Informal Duel ⊱ Magic & non-magical uses are allowed. There is no second & the fight usually ends up being a physical fight or a weapon fight.

Jelly-Legs Jinx ⊱ This spell is used to make your rival's legs jiggly so they fall to the ground. This spell is also called the Jelly-Legs Curse. Focus on how jiggly your rival's legs will become.

Jinx ⊱ Harmless Dark spells.

Leg-Locker Curse ⊱ This spell is used to lock your rival's legs together. Your rival will become unsteady & fall to the ground when this spell is casted.

Leg-Unlocking Charm ⊱ This spell is used to undo the effects of the Leg-Locker Curse. It aims at the leg muscles to unbind them.

Mackled Malaclaw ⊱ A creature that looks similar to a lobster & is twelve inches long.

Minor Maledictio ⊱ Curses that don't harm to the extreme. In Latin, it translates to minor curse.

Murtlap ⊱ A creature that looks like rats & live in the water. Its eyes & tentacles are blue.

Null Correlation ⊱ An object which does not effect other objects.

Offensive Spell ⊱ Spells that are harmful or to divert the attention of your rival by stimulation of the body.

Pogrebin ⊱ A creature that looks like a rock with moss on their head & when crouched, directs it towards you. Pogrebins are stalkers; most times you won't know they are around.

Psychology ⊱ The study of emotions & feelings.

Pustule ⊱ A blob on a Clabberts forehead that glows ruby red when threatened.

Tenebrae Maledictio ⊱ In Latin, it translates to Dark curse. The Conjunctivitis Curse & the Unforgivable Curses are in this classification.

The Five D's ⊱ Dodging, ducking, diving, dipping, & dodging.

Tickling Charm ⊱ This spell is used to tickle your rival into submission. They will beg for the tickling sensation to stop.

Tongue-Loosening Charm ⊱ This spell is used to undo the effects of the Tongue-Tying Curse.

Tongue-Tying Curse ⊱ This spell is used to glue your rival's mouth shut. When this spell is cast, your rival will not be able to speak.

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