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In this issue, there are two announcements. One about the winners of the Golden Portkey and another from the writer of Positive Saturday. There is also many other fun articles!

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An interview from Professor Soleil about her <<promotion>> to Head of Hufflepuff House! (Interview / Entrainment)

Chapter 5
Hello everyone ! This is real interview I took from Professor Soleil ( Muggle studies Professor ) about her promotion to Head of the House ! Have a nice reading !

ME : Good evening Professor ! I am Claire Herkins . I sent you an owl yesterday and you told me to come in your office at six o’clock …

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : Ohh ! You are the writer of the newspaper ! Yes , I remember you . Well let’s start the interview !

ME : First of all I want to tell you congratulations ! I wish you a good start and this year to be constructive and wonderful for you !

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : Thank you for your kind words, Ms Herkins! I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have !

ΜΕ : All right . First of all , what are your feelings about your promotion ? I’m sure you’re very happy and proud for yourself !

PROFESSOR SOLEIL: I would say that my feelings associated with the promotion are simply gratitude and hope -- I want to achieve great things while being the Head of House!

ME : I am very happy to hear that you are excited and happy ! The next question ….. Was your goal to become the Head of the House ?

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : While I did not come to Hogwarts specifically to become Head of House, I did become a professor to aid and teach students. My Hufflepuff Head role will help me do that, so I was happy to receive the job offer!

ME : So , what are your goals for Hufflepuff House ?

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : The most important for me is to continue promoting the ideals the Hufflepuff house is known for: loyalty, patience, hard work, and inclusivity.

ME : Ι really hope this ! It will be great ! But it’s difficult to become Head of the House . So , how did you manage to become Head of Hufflepuff ?

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : Well , I had been a Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts is Here for a few years, so I'm well-known in the castle. When the job opportunity for a new Head of House arose, I was invited to apply by Headmistress Oshiro.

ME : OK . I think that we all know someone, a friend , relative that he/she wants to be a Professor in the future . So , What should a wizard and a witch do to become Professor and Head of the House ? How would he/she do it?

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : For anyone wanting to pursue an education role at some point in their lives: do well in your studies, while staying curious and ready to learn. The best educators are the ones that are still willing to learn more. On more a logistic side, becoming a professor/Head at HiH is done by staying on the lookout for applications. Should an opportunity arise, the Hogwarts staff chooses candidates that are diligent in their work as well as being well-known on the site for helping others.

ME : That’s really true ! So , for the end , would you like to say something to Hufflepuff students and everyone who are reading this interview right now ?

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : Hello my fellow Puffs and other readers! I hope your Hogwarts education is all that you've hoped it would be. I'm so lucky to have such dedicated and accepting pupils. Teaching your generation about Muggles has shown me that the wizarding world is in good hands. I have no doubt you all will grow up to be amazing witches and wizards and, above all, people!

ME : That’s it ! Thank you so much for your time ! It was big honor for me to take this interview from you !

PROFESSOR SOLEIL : It was my honor ! Have a great evening Ms.Herkins !

ME : You too Professor !

I hope you enjoyed this interview ! Have a nice day !

Claire Angelina Herkins, HDN Writer

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