The Stories of Survivors: Cho Chang

"Well, obviously, she's feeling very sad, because of Cedric dying. Then I expect she's feeling confused because she liked Cedric and now she likes Harry, and she can't work out who she likes best. Then she'll be feeling guilty, thinking it's an insult to Cedric's memory to be kissing Harry at all, and she'll be worrying about what everyone else might say about her if she starts going out with Harry. And she probably can't work out what her feelings toward Harry are anyway, because he was the one who was with Cedric when Cedric died, so that's all very mixed up and painful. Oh, and she's afraid she's going to be thrown off the Ravenclaw Quidditch team because she's been flying so badly." -Hermione Granger, Order of the Phoenix

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Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Marietta grudgingly agreed to accompanying me at the first meeting of Harry's club. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it did sound fun…..and I wanted to support Harry.  

As the first Hogsmeade trip approached, everyone at Hogwarts was buzzing with excitement, well, minus the first and second years. I remembered being their age, jealous of the older kids always getting to go off and have fun, seeing them come back with loads of new things that I didn’t get. Now I feel bad for them, but their time will come. Right now, it is my turn to have fun in the village of Hogsmeade 

“Are you sure I have to come?”  

“Yes Marrietta, it will be fun!” I replied. 

It was finally the day of the Hogsmeade trip, and Marrietta was still unsure of her decision to come with me to the club meeting. 

“I don’t even know any of those kids! They probably will all hate me, and I don’t even care. I hate them back. 

Marrietta! That’s mean! Trust me you will enjoy it, and you owe me one for setting you up with that boy Rolf Scamander. One day when you two get married, you’ll remember the moment I helped you guys notice each other. Now, do you want to help or not?” 

Ughhh I don’t even think Rolf and I will last very long, but fine.” 

I beamed at her, and we stood up from the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall, just finishing breakfast, and we started off towards the courtyard. 

After everyone turned in their permission forms, we boarded the train to Hogsmeade station. I sat in a compartment with Marrietta and Rolf, which made me extremely uncomfortable. I tried to start a conversation, but they seemed a bit occupied with each other. I suspected Marrietta would be with Rolf most of the day until she joined me at the meeting. I would have to tag along with some of my other friends. I told them I needed to use the restroom and began to search the trolley for my fellow Ravenclaw friends Padma and Clarisse. I wondered around the train and was staring straight at the compartment to my left when I walked straight into Harry.  

“Oh my gosh, Harry I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying much attention.” 

He smiled, and my heart seemed to skip a beat, “That’s alright Cho, I don’t mind anyway-I mean-you didn’t hurt me at all or anything…” Harry trailed off.  

I giggled, “Well, I will see you later then. Bye!” 

Harry waved me off and we awkwardly made our way around each other as we headed off toward opposite ends of the train. I finally found Padma in a compartment with her sister Parvati, and we chatted for a few minutes but then quickly arrived in Hogsmeade 

I got off the train and smiled, Hogsmeade never got old. Every single time there is always a new adventure, and this adventure may just include a cute boy, I mean not cute, wait what? What am I thinking? Harry is NOT cute. At all. 

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of all Harry related thoughts. I still had about an hour before Harry’s little club was meeting at the Hogs Head and I wanted to enjoy myself. I found Marrietta and dragged her along to my favorite bookshop. I spent a good thirty minutes in there before realizing the time and the fact that if I wanted to get to the meeting on time I would need to hurry.  

Marrietta and I made it just in time and I was shocked at how small the crowd there was, that is until the door swung open revealing everybody else. I stepped inside and a huge smell of butterbeer wafted straight into my lungs. I ran outside and had a bit of a coughing fit before I eventually joined everyone else inside 

Hermione began the meeting in quite an awkward fashion but before long everyone wanted to hear about the club. Harry explained a bit of what the club would be like and then Hermione spoke up. She went on about Defense against the Dark Arts for a bit and then said something that startled everyone in the room, “Lord Voldemort’s back.” Everyone gasped, and Marrietta spilled half her butterbeer down her shirt. However, Hermione looked very happy with herself. A Hufflepuff kid by the name of Zacharias Smith then began to argue on and on about practically anything and everything that Harry said. It seemed as if everyone but him liked Harry, and so we all stood up for what he did. 

“Not to mention all the tasks he had to get through in the Triwizard Tournament last year- getting past dragons and merpeople and acromontulas and things like that.” I said triumphantly, after a few people mentioned how Harry rescued the Sorcerer’s stone in his first year. I smiled at him, and he gave a small grin back. The meeting soon came to an end, and we all signed a paper for Dumbledore’s Army, which was the name we came up with. I attempted to get over to Harry and talk to him, but Marrietta quickly pulled me out of the Hog’s Head. 

“WHY? Why did you take me there? First of all, I spilled butterbeer on my favorite shirt, I now smell like that gross place, and I missed out on going to Honeydukes with Rolf! He was going to buy me so many chocolate frogs! I cannot believe this.” She yelled. I saw many heads turn from the open door of the Hog’s Head and my face went red. Marrietta stormed off and I watched her run down the hill back towards the village.  

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