The Stories of Survivors: Cho Chang

"Well, obviously, she's feeling very sad, because of Cedric dying. Then I expect she's feeling confused because she liked Cedric and now she likes Harry, and she can't work out who she likes best. Then she'll be feeling guilty, thinking it's an insult to Cedric's memory to be kissing Harry at all, and she'll be worrying about what everyone else might say about her if she starts going out with Harry. And she probably can't work out what her feelings toward Harry are anyway, because he was the one who was with Cedric when Cedric died, so that's all very mixed up and painful. Oh, and she's afraid she's going to be thrown off the Ravenclaw Quidditch team because she's been flying so badly." -Hermione Granger, Order of the Phoenix

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Chapter 3

Chapter 4

The first day of school came and went, just as awful as I imagined. People kept looking at me and the only friend it seemed I still had was Marietta but even she was a bit more distant. What I really needed was a good distraction. Sadly, Hogsmeade trips weren’t until late October, so I still had a few more weeks to go. 

I spent most of my time either in the library or in the dorm. Sadly, I couldn’t skip classes this year like I had last year, the teachers seemed to think that three months was enough time to get over a dead boyfriend. I disagreed, strongly. I used all my strength not to start crying in defense against the dark arts when You-Know-Who was mentioned.  

I’m not sure I believe the story about how Cedric died but I don’t not believe it either. Professor Dumbledore believes it so maybe it is actually true. There is no way to get proof unless You-Know-Who comes out of hiding.  

By the second week of school, I had begun to get used to the looks of pity again. I had actually started to take my mind off Cedric and everything that happened last year but then something happened that totally caught me off guard. It was our last class of the day, DADA, and as I entered class I once again sighed, at the sight of our newest teacher, Professor Umbridge. She was by far the worst professor I had ever had, and everyone thought so. I sat down in my usual seat, next to Marietta, who had luckily begun to act normal around me again. I got out my Defense book and tucked my wand into my robes at the sound of the usual “Hem, hem”, by Professor Umbridge. I glanced around the room, watching everyone get their usual supplies out, and my eyes suddenly caught on someone. It was like my eyes had a mind of their own.  

“Stop!” I said to myself. 

“Hem, Hem,” I heard, bringing me back to reality, “Ms. Chang, could you please pay attention to me rather than putting your mind on lying, incapable little RATS!” 

Erm-, I don’t quite know what you mean Professor, sorry,” I replied. 

Professor Umbridge straightened her posture and began the lesson. 

She kept glaring at the “lying, incapable, little rat” all class. An hour later, I started walking out the door, with my intention of heading to the courtyard to study, when Professor Umbridge summoned me back into her room. 

“Ms. Chang, may I speak with you in my office please?” I grudgingly walked back to her wondering what she possibly had in mind. “It has come to my attention that your mind has continuously been wandering in my class. I would like to let you know that I am not going to tolerate this behavior any while longer, and I will let you off with a warning, due to your upsetting end of year last year I am sure you have had your struggles. But if I see you staring at Mr. Potter again I am sure I will not have to remind you that I can find special consequences for you if something were to happen again,” she said in her falsely sweet voice. 

“No Professor, but-I wasn’t staring at him-I was just-um-daydreaming. It won’t happen again. May I go now? I have loads of work.” 

“You may, I shall hope I won’t have to see you in this position again.” 

As I hurriedly escaped the flowery scent and mewing kittens of her room, I wondered if I was staring at Harry. No! I couldn’t have I mean-I don’t like him; I CAN’T like him. Harry watched Cedric die. It would be an insult to Cedric if I start liking Harry.  

The days went by, and I tried my best to pay attention in Defense Against the Dark Arts, but it seemed that in every class I went to my mind wandered elsewhere. I realized that it had been many months since Cedric’s death, and maybe I just needed to start talking to different people, I think that is what Cedric would’ve wanted. He wouldn’t have wanted me to live like this, I know he wouldn’t. 

It was late September, and I was on my way to lunch in the Great Hall when Hermione Granger ran over to talk to me. I had never really been friends with her, but we had spoken a few times. 

“Hi Cho!” 

“Hi,” I replied. 

“So, well, Harry just thought up this idea, actually it was my idea, but Harry is going to lead it.”  

I looked at her with a look of confusion and she quickly explained. 

“We’re starting this, this club. It because of Umbridge, I absolutely loath her, don’t you?”  

Erm-yeah, yeah I do. So, what is this club thing?” 

Well, its basically for teaching us spells to fight the Dark Arts, since You-Know-Who is rising again, we reckon people want to know how to defend themselves instead of just reading books about it. You do believe he’s back, right?” 

I paused, now thinking back on it, there was absolutely no reason Harry would’ve made up that stuff, “Yeah, I do.” 

“Great! Our first meeting is next weekend on the Hogsmeade Trip. Meet us in the Hog’s Head Inn, alright? Well, thanks for agreeing to this, see you later!” And at that Hermione cheerfully skipped over to the Gryffindor table to enjoy what looked like some Cornish pasties. 

“I am joining it too, you know?” came a dreamy voice from behind me.  

I jumped, “Oh, that’s nice.” 

“Yes, I am very excited, oh look, there’s pudding!” 

Luna sat down at the Ravenclaw table at put a heaping mound of pudding onto her plate. I waved goodbye and headed off to the opposite end of the table to sit next to my friend Marrietta. 

“Hey Marrietta, do you think you could join this little club Harry’s started?” 

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