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In another short issue, there are quotes from the feminist in Harry Potter. There is also a group ad, a fun fact, a quote, and a quiz! Hope you enjoy it!

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Seven Feminist Quotes From Harry Potter (Entertainment)

Chapter 1
Hello! These are 7 feminist quotes that Harry Potter characters have said! Enjoy them!

1. “Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean the same goes for all of us,” Hermione Granger abused Ron because he avoided having contact with his emotions, as if we are not all human beings, living through our feelings.

2. “More generally, I don’t allow others to talk when I speak,” Minerva McGonagall says that all people are worthy of respect for others, regardless of their gender.

3. “Just because, Ron, it took you three years to notice, doesn’t mean no one else knows I am girl,” This is a great answer from Hermione Granger to Ron Weasley. I want to notice that this is because Ron forgot that he should not normally push a woman (in this case Hermione) into any discrimination.

4. “The truth is, you can’t think a girl would be smart enough,” In this phrase, Hermione says that a lot of people think that the women should be less intelligent than the men.

5. “I notice that I end up cooking, I guess because I’m girl,” Hermione’s phrase was spoken on the occasion of Ron’s comment about the food.

6. "Size is not proportional to strength. Look Ginny,” George Weasley once said.

7. “Anything is possible if you want it,” Ginny Weasley knows.

Clarissa Angelina Herkins, HDN Writer

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