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The Questions

Chapter 1
Let's start off easy. Here is the first question:

1. What is Ronald Weasley's middle name?

a) Philip b) Bilius c) Samuel

2. What is the name of Ginny Weasley's pygmy puff?

a) Arnold b) Fred c) June

3. What is Hufflepuff's ghost?

a) Nearly Headless Nick b) The Grey Lady c) Fat Friar

4. How many staircases does Hogwarts castle have?

a) 142 b) 145 c) 148

5. The Hufflepuff's dormitory is close to...

a) Kitchens b) Owlery c) Astronomy Tower

6. What is Voldemort's first name?

a) Riddle b) Tim c) Tom

7. Who is Ravenclaw's ghost? (I know, this is pretty easy)

a) Grey Lady b) Fat Friar c) Nearly Headless Nick

8. Ever the eccentric, Dumbledore has a scar above his left knee that is a perfect map of what?

a) The Ministry b) Diagon Alley c) The London Underground

9. Harry first took the Knight Bus in The Prisoner of Azkaban. How much does a ticket cost if it includes hot chocolate?

a) 14 sickles b) 12 sickles c) 15 sickles

10. Voldemort stole Helga Hufflepuff's cup from an old woman named Hepzibah Smith. What was the name of her house-elf?

a) Hokey b) Dobby c) Hickey
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