Hogwarts Daily News Issue #127

In this issue, there is a quote and some fun facts! There is also another article from Lilac's Advice Column and Positive Saturday! I hope you enjoy this Issue!

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Lilac’s Advice Column #7 (Entertainment)

Chapter 1
Hilo! Welcome back to Lilac’s Advice Column! I hope you enjoy this issue! As always, please write in if possible! Now, let’s jump in!

Q: I have an addiction to a very spicy, yummy food. How can I break out of it? - Anonymous Hufflepuff

A: Well, I would say to start by eliminating all of that food in your household. Not having the food will make you eat it less. If you can’t do that, see if you can hide it somewhere. Next, try diverse food groups! Learn to love and appreciate each and every one. If you have family members, ask them to help you by watching what you decide to eat. I don’t have any other suggestions, just try your hardest to stay away from your addiction.

Q: Ever since COVID-19 started getting bad I've kind of fallen behind on being social. How do I still talk to people but be safe? (Some of my friends aren't allowed to use facetime and stuff). - Anonymous Ravenclaw

A: Oof. That sounds really tough. Hopefully, you have a way to communicate through school, at least. I would email your friends, it isn’t ideal, but you should go for it if it’s the best that you have. I really don’t know anything else, but the main suggestion is to find the best alternatives. I hope this helps, I’m really sorry for not being able to do more.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope this helped, these were some harder questions! If you want to write in with your own questions, you can do so here:

- Lilac Ellise, Manager and editor of the HDN

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