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Something That I Want To Say About Hermione Granger

Chapter 1
Yes! Hermione Granger is great! We all love her, right? Yes, we do. But we have to remember about one thing that everybody doesn't think about. Hermione Granger is bossy. Yes, she is bossy.

Hermione Granger is such a cool character right? That J.K Rowling made up. But remember that she made Hermione bossy. Remember in the first book and first movie, she was always bossy. She always snapped at people whenever they said something she did not like. I'm not saying anything against Hermione, I'm just saying that she is bossy. That's why Ron Weasley did not like her in the first book very much, and we got quite a surprise when he married her, right?

The movies always made Hermione Granger so nice, not very bossy, and I'm not saying that bad, but everyone likes her. She is always the favourite character. Once again, I'm not saying that she ISN'T a good character, (I must assure you that I love her as much as you do), I'm just saying Hermione wasn't the perfect, cool character we always imagine she is.

(I mean, think about Harry. Poor Harry! No one likes him! (I'm just joking harry!)

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