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Chapter 1
Random Thoughts About Animals!

This is what I have been thinking about a lot - a very random thought haha!

Some people, only some, just think, 'Oh, let's get a puppy!' Yes. They get one. They've got it. 'IT'S SO ADORABLE.' And when it's an adult dog... well, I hope you're not annoyed at me for saying (or writing) this, but then they just say, 'SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF MY ROOM DOG.' I just think it's silly and kind of mean that the people do that to their dogs. Maybe the puppy is cute and stuff, but when they grow up they just shout at it. I'm not saying everyone does that, only some people. :D Sorry for talking about such a random thought but I thought I should write it down... haha.

Another thing:

Okay. You are at a beach. You're drinking some water out of a plastic water-bottle. You drink all the water at one point. There is not a bin at the beach. You can't be bothered to walk up the road, where there is a bin, so you just decide to leave it on the beach. And that was not a very good idea, was it?

Thousands of sea animals are getting killed because of the plastic stupid stuff that goes into the ocean. We need to stop that. So stop and think. 'Maybe I should not put it on the beach because the sea-animals might get killed.' Some teenagers don't stop and think about that. They laugh and joke with their friends, toss things into the water, think it is ridiculously funny, but it is not. Stop and think, people!

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