The Arithmancer'S Guide To Arithmancy

written by Joanna Jones

Want to know why 7 is such a powerful number? Want to know what is your personality? Have a read through 'The Arithmancer's Guide to Arithmancy'.

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Chapter 1

Welcome to the essential guide to Arithmancy! While some may think that Arithmancy is quite difficult, it really isn't and is one of the most interesting things to learn!

You might be wondering, what exactly is Arithmancy?

Arithmancy is the study of the magical properties of numbers. It is a type of Divination that is based on names and numbers. Arithmancy is based on two ideas,

1.That a person's name holds clues to their personality and destiny.

2.The numbers 1-9 have a unique meaning that can contribute to the understanding of all things.

The most common way to do Arithmancy is to determine one's Character Number, Heart Number and Social Number and interpreting them by established meanings.

Let's get started shall we?

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