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In today's issue, there is an announcement from Samatha Love, a guide to reading Harry Potter, a poem out of a new series, and a bunch of fun things including a quote, a riddle and a fun fact!

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A Guide To Reading The Harry Potter Series (Informational)

Chapter 2
We have all most likely heard of Harry Potter, right? Some people are huge fans, while some people just found this website (HiH) and haven’t read the entire series. That’s okay! This article is to guide you through reading the series for the first time. Who knows? Maybe you will understand somethings that you didn’t understand before! Whether you have read the series or not, check out this article!

So what are the books about really? Like… seriously. Let me explain. Basically, a young 11-year old boy with glasses and a lightning bolt scar called Harry Potter finds out that he’s a wizard with magical powers and must go to a special school, called Hogwarts, to learn how to do magic. Along the way, he learns many secrets about his past, and discovers that not all wizards are good…

Now this part is very important… You’re going to hear a lot of strange words! Some that you’ve, most likely, never heard before. Most of them are “made-up” Quaffle. Flobberworm. Riddikulus! Get ready for all manner of weird and wonderful words, guys. These are not your every-day books. But don’t worry, everything will be explained as you go along, and soon, the words of the wizarding world will be a second language! Now, it won’t be that big of a problem, but there is a online glossary for you to use if you ever get stuck! (It will be at the bottom of the article)

You may know a few things already and that’s great!
If you haven’t read the books, that doesn’t mean you haven’t seen a Harry Potter film on the television. Or maybe a friend or family member has told you all about how they’re a Hufflepuff, and you’re like, ‘What?’ So you might know “bits and bobs” about the adventure already – but don’t worry. It’ll all make sense once you start at the beginning. Just maybe ask your friends to be nice and not spoil anything for you!

Take your time!
Don’t feel bad if you’re not the fastest reader in the world. There are seven Harry Potter books, and that’s a lot of magic to get through! Take your time, because you don’t want to speed through it too fast and miss something – there are loads of important mentions in the books that will become important in later books.

Glossary: https://harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/uk/fun-stuff/glossary/
Written by「 αєѕнα 」, HDN Writer
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