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In today's issue, there is an announcement from Samatha Love, a guide to reading Harry Potter, a poem out of a new series, and a bunch of fun things including a quote, a riddle and a fun fact!

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Harry Potter: The Differences Between - By Lily Lavender (Entertainment)

Chapter 15
book talks about the differences between the Harry Potter films and books. I asked her a couple questions about it and her answers were absolutely amazing! Here’s the interview:

Me: How did you get the idea for this book/what was your inspiration?

Lily: I got the idea when I was reading the last Harry Potter book. I was thinking about how different the books are compared to the films. So I created this book; a chapter for every book and film. Each chapter details a quick summary of the story as well as eleven differences. I was inspired to create this book so that when others read it, it may lead them to read the books or to watch the series while looking out for the differences mentioned.

Me: Was it hard to find/remember all this information?

Lily: It was quite a big job to jot each difference down onto paper and sort them into each year. When creating the book (planning on how to organize it, retype the differences from paper to electronic, coding it to put images in, etc.), it took almost four days to put it together. Eleven differences for each book and film is a lot; seventy-seven differences in total!

Me: In the last chapter you mention that in the book Dudley says thanks to Harry, do you think there was a particular reason that they deleted this scene in the movie?

Lily: I think that the directors cut this scene out from the original script because it didn't play smoothly into the beginning of the film. If this scene would have made it into the finished production, I think it would have made it seem very awkward. However, it would have made a big difference to Harry and Dudley's character relationship and to see that emotion play on the big screen would have likely brought tears in my eyes and likely many others as well.

Me: Was it hard to have to come up with theories of why the film directors took out certain parts? Why or why not?

Lily: It was a bit difficult to come up with my own theories as to why the film directors cut many parts out from the book. Some were quite easy to theorize such as Harry not using the Polyjuice Potion at Bill and Fleur's wedding like it suggests in the book because it just made sense for Harry to go as Harry in the film to transition to the next scene. However, other scenes that were cut in the films such as St. Mungo's Hospital was more difficult to theorize.

Great answers Lily! If you would like to read the book just follow this link: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/21454/

Adhara, Writer and Public Affairs Manager
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