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In today's issue, there is an announcement from Samatha Love, a guide to reading Harry Potter, a poem out of a new series, and a bunch of fun things including a quote, a riddle and a fun fact!

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Sorting Harry Potter Characters Into Their MBTI - Part One (Entrainment)

Chapter 12
I’ll be sorting Harry Potter Characters into their Myers Briggs personalities based on what I think they would be!

Myers Briggs Personalities

Here are the traits for those who want to know or need to be reminded:

E/I - Extroverted/Introverted
N/S - Intuitive/Sensing
F/T - Feeling/Thinking
J/S - Judging/Perceiving

Harry Potter - ISTJ

Harry would be an ISTJ. He is introverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. He is introverted as we can see throughout the series. This is probably due to having a terrible life around people and forcing himself to not need people to survive. He finds out things about the world through sensing, as shown very clearly in the first book. He is a thinker, as he doesn’t always care about his friend’s feelings, often recklessly doing things because he thinks they would be better for everyone. He is a judger, very obviously, as shown when he turns down Draco Malfoy.

Ron Weasley - ESFJ

Ron would be an ESFJ. He is extroverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. He seems to get more excitement hanging out with people rather than being alone, therefore he is an extrovert. He doesn’t seem to observe rather than feel it for himself and see it for himself, therefore he is a senser. He is a feeler because he definitely feels for people and struggles with whether he wants to break up with Lavender because he is thinking about how she will feel about it. He is a judger as he immediately judges Hermione for being book-smart.

Hermione Granger - INTJ

Hermione would be an INTJ. She is introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. She seems to be very reserved and she doesn’t seem to get comfort out of being with other people. She is more intuitive, as she likes to think things through, which ties into her thinking trait. She is a judger, as she does feel a certain way about everything and makes lists of things she needs to do, and she believes it makes it easier to juggle those things.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for the next part!

Cinnamon Salem, Writer for HDN
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