To Ride A Dragon

To Ride A Dragon, is a story, obviously, about a dragon. He is a young dragon, named Cardemieous Laterious, but they call him Cedar for short. Cedar's father is training him to be a strong, and smart dragon. Cedar's days are filled with the training, and he is tired of training for hours every day. Then... one day he meets Esther...

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Part 1.

Chapter 1
This is the story about the smart, strong and unusual dragon, named Cardemieous Laterious, but mostly the other dragons called him Cedar. This 'unusual' dragon lived in a forest, like most dragons do. Cedar was being trained to fight, roar, and be a strong and smart dragon. His father, Cadmusionus Firelatorious, was training him.

Cedar liked the training, but after a while he grew tired of it. "Keep it up," his father would say. "You're doing very well. If you come across a human, you will know how to fight it."

"Yes father," Cedar would say. Fighting a human would be fun, but he had to be careful. Cedar knew that humans were dangerous. They had guns, bows and arrows, and lots of other violent weapons. Sometimes, humans came into the forests that dragons were in. The dragons had to kill him because then the humans would discover that dragons were real. Cedar had once watched his father kill a human. But Cedar didn't like to watch it. He would turn away. "It is the way of life," said his father, but Cedar still disliked it. Making a human fall unconscious would be okay, but killing... no.

One day, when Cedar was training with his father, a white dragon, a very rare colour, came to them and said to father quickly, "Cadmusionus Firelatorious, a human has ventured into the forest - and he has a gun! This one will be hard to fight."

"I'll come immediately," said Cedar's father. "Cedar, you stay here."

"Okay," said Cedar. His father rushed off with the white dragon. Cedar was curious. He wanted to follow his father and the white dragon. Usually he didn't like to watch father kill a human, but this human would not be easy to kill because he had a gun. So Cedar quickly caught up with his father and the white dragon, but making sure that they couldn't see him.

The dragons flew up, and soon they came to a small clearing. And Cedar saw the human! He was so tiny, that he imagined that it would be easy to attack him. But the small human did have a gun.

"We should attack it from here," said Cedar's father. "It will be easier, because he has a gun. Coming towards him from the ground and attacking him would not be good because it would shoot us."

"Yes, I think you're right. Let us attack him from above," said the white dragon.

Cedar was so interested in staring at the human, that he didn't notice that his father had noticed him. "Cedar!" he exclaimed. "I told you to stay back at the other clearing. It's safe there, and you know that humans - especially this one, is dangerous. I want you to go back now. You might get shot."

Cedar looked up and said in a quiet voice, "I'm sorry father, but I wanted to see. And I just wanted to say that this one won't be able to attack easily."

"From above it will be easy," said his father. "Well fine, you can stay but you have to stay up here."

"Yes, father." Cedar began to look away. His father was going to attack.

Then his father started to fly down. Cedar looked up. He was so curious to see what happened. He saw his father knock the human down, but to Cedar's surprise, the human got back up, stumbling a little, picked back up his gun, and shot Cedar's father.

Cedar couldn't believe what had happened. His father, shot by a human? The white dragon immediately flew down next to Cedar's father.

Cedar was so angry and surprised at the same time that he actually, in his rage, flew down to the human, who had started to run desperately away, hoping to get to the end of the forest before any dragon could attack him. And Cedar knew he was dying to tell his friends that he had seen a dragon - but he would never get the chance to, because Cedar was going to kill him. (I know that Cedar doesn't like killing humans, but he was so angry that he felt like he needed to.)

"No!" Cedar heard his father shout, but Cedar didn't care. He would attack this human. He would kill him. He landed on the human, and bit him. He heard the human cry out, and then he was still. The human was dead.

Cedar kind of felt bad, but he knew he shouldn't feel that way. The human, now dead, had hurt his father severely. He flew back to his father, where the white dragon was. Cedar's father was too hurt to speak, or walk, so Cedar and the white dragon had to half-carry and half-drag him back to the bigger clearing where Cedar's mother was.

Cedar's mother did not cry, or roar in anger when she saw her mate, but stared at him, silent. Cedar's mother said softly, "I will look after your father. You must look after the little dragons for me while I take care of your father. They are by the blackberry bushes."

Cedar did not say anything, but bowed his yellow head and ruffled his wings. Then he glided over to the little dragons, who were playing and trying to roar - they wanted to scare each other.

Cedar sat down by them, and sleepiness began to settle over him. But he must not go to sleep - he had to stay awake until the little dragons went to sleep. After a while they did. Then Cedar slowly drifted into an uneasy sleep.

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