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Stardust And The Focusing Reliquary

Chapter 1


Most of you probably have already heard at least once that
we are made of stardust, and isn’t that a pleasing idea?

But what is stardust exactly? Muggles understand stardust as a kind of cosmic dust, which can also be called presolar grains. It is very rare in the universe and also very tiny one grain of stardust measure less than one millionth of a meter (one micrometer, which mean a grain of stardust is about a hundred time smaller than a grain of sand on Earth)., which explain why it is so hard to collect it. The composition of stardust isn’t well known, even for wizards, and differs from one grain to another: they can be composed of carbon, oxygen, methane etc. As a result, Stardust should always be handled while wearing dragon-hide gloves. Muggle study stardust in order to know more about the creation of the universe and about the nucleogenesis (the creation of molecules) as Stardust was created before the Earth was around.

Wizards study another component of Stardust: its inherent magic. About 50% of all the stardust in the Universe is infused with it : It isn’t well know how that came to be, but many scientist in the wizarding world believe this may be the answer to why we developed magic and muggles did not. We might be all made of stardust, but maybe not of the same kind!

That however does not mean it would be enough to sprinkle
some stardust on a muggle to turn them into a wizard! Stardust is usually used
to calibrate orreries. Dipping the tip of the wand in stardust while applying
the Reflection form (see Charm lesson 4) will enhance its properties and help
finding the right calibration: you could say it help create a link between the
orrery and the universe. Other known uses of magical stardust are in Potioning,
especially in potions to enhance one’s magical ability (over-consumption can
lead to metal poisoning, so their uses are restricted). In China and Greece,
two countries renowned for their attachment to astronomy, Stardust is always
sometimes found in wands. Wands with a stardust core usually create a very
symbiotic relationship with their wizards.

Focusing Reliquary

What is a Focusing Reliquary?

A reliquary is a sacred object, or vessel, believed to
provide its user with a direct connection to whatever deity or god it was
created for.  In the Christian faith, a reliquary might be a jeweled box
containing a fragment of the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on, or some other
holy item.  In Astronomy, it is the Focusing Reliquary.  Focusing
Reliquaries are used by skilled witches and wizards to synchronize their minds
with the rhythms of the Universe, so that they will be able to identify and
harvest stardust for use in various spells, potions and magical objects and endeavors.

Focusing Reliquaries were first created by a Tibetan order of wizards whose name is known only to themselves, but whom the wizarding community refer to as “The Order of Celestial Union”.  These wizards (for the order consists only of men) upon joining the order, forsake their former lives and identities in order to immerse themselves in the study of the cosmos with religious fervor.  Wizards in the order spend their lives meditating at a sacred tree within their monastic community, astrally projecting their consciousness into the cosmos, and reflecting on what they discover.  It was while meditating at the tree that they realized that they could project themselves into the stars, and become one with the cosmos.  At some point, they created the Focusing Reliquary as a means of capturing what they could see, and bring it back to Earth.

The secrets of how the Focusing Reliquary are made is known only to the order’s members, who have completed many years of study, meditation and astral projection.  Focusing Reliquaries consist of a stone pedestal approximately 4 feet tall made from regular stone, a Collection Orb (which contains an absolute vacuum, and is used to harvest space dust) and a Focusing Wand (which acts as a divining rod) made from the wood of a sacred tree which has been the conduit for these wizards to the stars and beyond, and is imbued with the energies of the order over centuries of astral projection.

How do you use it?

Focusing Reliquaries are not dangerous to use, but they are
quite difficult.  In fact, in order to use one, one must be extremely experienced
in meditation, astral projection, and Astronomy.  Alchemists do well using
Focusing Reliquaries as they have well trained minds.  Most witches and
wizards do not have the patience to harvest their own stardust using Focusing
Reliquaries and prefer to purchase it from a local supplier.  Professional
harvesters are paid quite well within the wizarding community, as the job comes
with one major risk.  Stardust harvesters are known to become obsessed
with their work, and seek to join the the Order of Celestial Union so that they
may dedicate their life to the endeavor.

Using a Focusing Reliquary to harvest stardust has been
described as like trying to hit a bullet, with a smaller bullet, whilst wearing
a blindfold, riding a horse.  It requires a steady hand and a calm and
focused mind.  The user is required to project their consciousness into
the vacuum of the orb, and from there, reach out their consciousness into the
void (also known as astrally projecting).  As they traverse time and space,
they use the wand as an anchor to their bodies, and as a diving road to seek
out and collect stardust.  The dust will collect in the orb, and can be
retrieved by using a simple “Accio dust” spell when the user returns to their

Where can you find one?

Acquiring a Focusing Reliquary is not necessarily an easy
feat.  Many novelty versions can be found in the wizarding community;
however these are cheap imitations of the real thing, and use charms and
bewitchments to convince the user that they are traversing the galaxy.
 These fakes are little more than the equivalent of a claw

As mentioned, most magical folk prefer to purchase stardust
rather than harvest it themselves, however for the more adventurous among us,
Focusing Reliquaries can be obtained from broker (at significant cost) who deal
directly with the Order of Celestial Union, or you may book some time (for a
small fee) at your nearest Astronomical society.

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