Helena - Rose Granger-Weasley's daughter

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Part 1. At the Ministry of Magic

Chapter 1
PART 1. At the Ministry of Magic

A girl of 21 glanced at a paper, and then grabbed two files. Briskly she walked out of the room, into the hall where people threw glances at her, some waiting in line, others sitting down, with nervous looks on their faces. Everybody was in a rush, and the 21-year-old girl, Helena, walked up to Manager Brian, who raised his eyebrows and asked, "What is it this time, Helena?" 
"Bad news," muttered Helena. "Read this." She stuffed the files into Brian's hands, and said, "I need to deal with something - Mrs Hatlie is waiting for me." And with that, she hurried away, towards the 'MAGICAL CREATURES' sign. She pushed that door opened and went inside. There were a few people inside the room. Helena walked up to Mrs Hatlie, and said, "I'll see your creature now, in Room 16." Then she added to the other people, "I'll get you guys soon." 
Mrs Hatlie picked up a cage that had a blanket on the top, covering the sides, so Helena couldn't see what was inside. 
Then Helena started to lead Mrs Hatlie up to Room 16. When they were in the Room, Helena shut the door firmly behind her, and asked, "So, what is exactly wrong with this creature?" 
"Well," began Mrs Hatlie, and she pulled the blanket off the cage and Helena almost gasped. Inside the thing was the ugliest, little creature ever. It had hardly any fur and was the most peculiar looking creature ever. Like a bird and a mixture of a tiny tiger. It had the head of an eagle, and the back legs of a tiger. 
"What is that?"
"I don't know," replied Mrs Hatlie promptly. 
Helena was surprised. "Why would you get a creature that if you don't know it's breed?" she asked incredulously. 
"Well, despite it's ugliness, poor thing, it is the friendliest thing on earth," said Mrs Hatlie fondly. She reached through the bars of the cage and stroked its head. The creature rubbed against her hand affectionately. 
"See? I told you so," said Mrs Hatlie. 
"I see," said Helena. "But what is wrong with it?" 
"It has lost all its appetite, that is why he's so thin, and he's lost all his fur!" said Mrs Hatlie. She murmured again, "Poor thing." 
"Oh, well there is one way to get his appetite going again, by -" 
Suddenly the door swung open and Manager Brian walked in. "This IS bad news," he said. "Really bad news. A boy killed his parents - got hold of a wand. A sort of spell must have been on him." He shuddered, and continued. "Maybe a death eater put it on him because they wanted to kill the boy's parents but wouldn't get a chance to. So they got the boy to do it instead... just a guess." 
"I know - its really bad news," said Helena. 
Then another man walked in. It was Mr Simpleton. He said briskly, "the boy who 'killed' his parents is coming down this hall. He's going to have a private talk with Mr Jay!" Then he rushed out of the room. 
Helena stood up, and Brian walked out of the room to see the boy. 
"Wait! What do I need to do about my pet?" asked Mrs Hatlie. 
"The way to get his appetite going again is to give him this pill -" Helena rummaged around in her pocket and then came out with white pills. "Give him two a day. Give him the first one at 1:00 and the next one at 4:00. And here. Catch this. It's a magical fur growth liquid. Rub it around in his skin and by the next day his fur will probably start growing back! Now goodbye!" And with that, she rushed out of the room, leaving Mrs Hatlie alone.
A boy in a striped red and white top, with blue jeans, stumbled into the hall. His eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly open. He looked gaunt.  A man was holding him by the elbow, dragging him down the hall. Helena stared at the boy, and he slowly looked at her too. Helena quickly dropped her gaze. 
"He's going to be questioned," said the man who was holding him by the elbow. 
"Okay," said Manager Brian. "Go down there - that is where they hold the questioning."
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