A Guide To Defense Against The Dark Arts

This book is a guide to the Dark Arts; in this book we will learn about the Dark Arts and how to protect yourself from them. This will cover the Unforgivable Curses and Horcruxes, so be prepared! This will also go over defensive spells and objects that will render you invisible, such as the Invisibility Cloak.

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Chapter 1

A Guide to Defense Against the Dark Arts will contain defensive spells, invisibility objects, and dark creatures. For each object, charm or creature there will be one chapter, so expect a long book! This book also briefly goes over dangerous potions and how to recognize them. Famous dark wizards, the evolution of dark creatures and the development of cures will be included as well. So far there has been no books yet that thoroughly go through all the dark subjects, so this book will be tough to finish. 


~Katherine H.

Note: This book will contain restricted chapters such as chapters with extreme Dark Art-related material. Be prepared!

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