Why You Should Join S.P.E.W

Please read! It will help the poor house-elves!

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Why You Should Join S.P.E.W

Chapter 1
Why You Should Join S.P.E.W

S.P.E.W. Stands for Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare! Hermione made this up, but I have made an actual group of it! Come and join! You should join S.P.E.W to help the house-elves of course!
This group helps the house-elves, they get payed, and get clothes!

Of course, this question will be ringing in your head. But what if the house-elves don't accept my offering?
Yes, some house-elves don't want to be payed - lots don't, but we will make them want to be payed and free by talking to them and convincing them. We should tell them that their masters are cruel to them and we are trying to help them. Hopefully they will not want to be with their masters anymore. I know we are pushing them, but if we want to help them, instead of being cruel to them, that's okay! Some house-elves will probably not agree with us, but just let them be, then.

You can convince them, and I know house-elves can't be persuaded easily, but keep trying and Dobby can help too. In the end, I am sure - I promise that they will give in and let you pay them. They will become glad. Please trust me.

Here are the rules:

S.P.E.W Rules.

You have to be a HiH person who actually agrees with S.P.E.W and wants to actually help the house-elves to have a better life!

You cannot swear or be bossy in this group, or lie.

People better be active in this group.

Anyone who does not agree with these rules may leave. Thank you!

In this group you can cook with the house-elves, prepare food for the Great Hall, at dinner time, breakfast, and lunch. The house-elves and you get payed, of course after. You get a three galloens each time you prepare the food for the Great Hall. You can also get badges - copy and paste the link below:
so people know that you are a member of this group. Upload that image on imgbb and then put the link full HTML link on your backstory.

You can knit socks for the house-elves and scarfs!

The house-elves should be payed - so give them 14 sickles each week.


Violet Aymin
(And myself!)

If you want to prepare foods - like make food, please fill in this form:

Thank you!


Also, there is a Cooking Competition that we are going to do! You can cook with the house-elves if you want.
Whoever does the most delicious, fancy desert or dinner, you will get the prize - here is the link to view it:
And here is the link group for the contest:

Please join S.P.E.W! It really helps! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you join it!
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