Batman or Superman?

What is your favourite Hero? Superman or Batman? Which one do you like best? Why? (By the way, Batman is my favourite hehe. He saves Gotham City - well, kind of and he can fly and fight, and he beats the most scariest people - ewww the Joker! In the Dark Knight Rises he gives me the most biggest creeps... eww. Soooo.... BATMAN OR SUPERMAN (BATMAN BATMAN BATMAN) no, just jokes choose your own! Sooo... BATMAN OR SUPERMAN??

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Superman or Batman?

Chapter 1
Okay, which one do you like best? You can't like them equally, you have to choose just one. OKAY? My favourite is Batman. Yeah. I will tell you why I like Batman better below:

I like Batman better because he is really cool. I think it is really cool that he made the Bat Suit - I think that is really cool how he made what he feared. Because, remember, Bat-Lovers, Batman didn't like - well, feared Bats, so he made the Suit and concealed his identity.
I also like Batman better because he is more realistic than Superman - because he made the Bat-Suit, and he was able to glide because he has gadgets so he can glide - not literally fly like Superman can. So yeah - Batman is more realistic than Superman because Superman can just fly and he's really strong - that's not possible - that's not like I dislike Superman, and I think what he does is cool and stuff - I just like Batman better.

So yeah - that is WHY I like Batman better.
The next chapters are a bit about Batman and Superman. (Also about the Batman-Bad guys, and the Superman bad guys.)Enjoy reading about it! Thank you!
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