First Years Guide to Ace Charms: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for CHRM-101. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Charms Glossary

Chapter 1

Accidental Magic Reversal Squad ⊱ They alter the memory of Muggles who have seen magic.

Arameus Szareko ⊱ A magical theorist who invented the Warming Charm & the Chilling Charm.

Blagdon Blay ⊱ Discovered the counter spell for the Unlocking Charm.

Chilling Charm ⊱ A slight cool feeling. To create cooler temperatures, use more willpower. This spell will turn liquid into a deep purple color.

Council of Warlocks ⊱ Leaders of the magical world for four hundred years (around 1000 to 1400 CE).

Dancing Lights Charm ⊱ Produces various small lights that float. Concentrate on each burst of light. Three to five orbs of light is usually best.

Degree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery ⊱ A law in 1875 where underage witches & wizards (under 17) are restricted to use magic unless at school. It is exempted if there is a life or death situation. Harry Potter using a Patronus to save himself & his cousin from Dementors is an example of this.

Delfina Crimp ⊱ A seamstress who created the Severing Charm. She used it to cut the amount of fabric she exactly needed.

Dynamic Spells ⊱ These spells require a continuous flow of concentration while the spell is being cast.

Eldon Elsrickle ⊱ Discovered the Unlocking Charm. He used this spell to loot & steal.

Fire-Making Charm ⊱ Makes fire. The incantation Incendio translates to fire in Latin.

Flame-Freezing Charm ⊱ A spell that protects you from burning. You will only feel ticklish. In the 1600s, magical people were on trial for the witch burnings. These burnings did nothing since magical people casted this charm on themselves.

Floating Charm ⊱ Moves items up or down within a few feet in the air. This charm is one of the four Flight Charms.

Foci ⊱ A modern take on wands.

Gytrash ⊱ A dangerous ghost dog. The Wand-Lighting Charm can be used for fighting off Gytrashes.

Half Blood ⊱ A magical person who has one magical bloodline & one Muggle bloodline.

Hover Charm ⊱ Moves items up or down. You will need to touch it in order for it to work. This charm is one of the four Flight Charms.

International Statute of Secrecy ⊱ A law in 1689 to split Muggle & magical communities to keep witches & wizards from retaliation against the Muggles.

Jarleth Hobhart ⊱ Discovered the Levitation Charm.

Levina Monkstanley ⊱ A worker at the Ministry of Magic & discovered the Wand-Lighting Charm. She dropped her quill onto the floor & using the Wand-Lighting Charm, drew light from her wand to search for it.

Levitation Charm ⊱ Moves items up, down, back, forth, & side to side. Height & weight is not an issue with this spell. This charm is one of the four Flight Charms.

Locomotion Charm ⊱ Move an item a few inches in the air. You can use this spell on an item, & while it moves, you can use a second spell. It will not work on living things. This charm is not a Flight Charm.

Magical Fauna ⊱ Magical animals & creatures.

Magical Flora ⊱ Magical plants.

Mending Charm ⊱ Repairs broken objects. It will only repair mundane objects.

Modifier ⊱ A term used to alter the effect of a spell.

Muggle Born ⊱ A person that comes from a non-magical family but can have magical powers from past generations.

Orabella Nuttley ⊱ An employee of the Ministry of Magic & invented the Mending Charm in 1754. She restored the Colosseum after a fight broke out between two Quidditch fan bases.

Pure Bloods ⊱ Magical people who don't have any Muggles in their bloodline. They are fully magical in every way.

Rocket Charm ⊱ Thrusts an item upwards & downwards. The heavier the item is, the less it will move. This charm is one of the four Flight Charms.

Scripts ⊱ Communication by symbols & drawings.

Severing Charm ⊱ Cuts the desired object perfectly. If the spell fails, it can be severed only partially or can be ragged. In the 1400s, Delfina Crimp discovered this spell.

Single Complex Symbols ⊱ Cuneiform & hieroglyphs.

Softening Charm ⊱ Makes the object bouncy & squishy briefly. If the spell fails, it can wear off quickly or it's only a tiny bit squishy.

Squib ⊱ A person who is born into the magical world but does not carry a magical talent. They can still uncover magical movements & use magical items.

Static Spells ⊱ Creates an effect which can't be altered until the cast is finished.

Sticking Charm ⊱ Sticks things together like Muggle glue. In 100 BCE, magical people used this charm so objects on ships wouldn't go over board. They also used this spell to stick debris to another ship. It does not work on living things such as animals. If the spell fails, the spell can backfire in which you get stuck to the floor. It can be countered by the Unlocking Charm.

Sunlight Charm ⊱ Acts like a flashlight that is directed in one direction. It can have a faint white or a light golden yellow color. If over-charged, it doesn't have a scarlet color. Its light stays for about five to six seconds at a time.

Unlocking Charm ⊱ Unlocks doors that are both magical & mundane. This charm is also called Thief's Friend & was discovered in Africa.

Wand-Extinguishing Charm ⊱ Puts the light from your wand out. This charm only works with your wand & no one else. This charm has no harm or counterblast if it fails.

Wand-Lighting Charm ⊱ Brightens up your wand to use like a flashlight. If you use too much willpower, it will turn Scarlet. If you use too little willpower, it will turn white. It is best to aim for a light yellow color.

Warming Charm ⊱ A slight warm feeling. How far or how close you are to the item determines how big or how small the cone will be. To create warmer temperatures, use more willpower. This spell will turn liquid into a bright green color.

Words ⊱ The alphabet.

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