This is about a girl named Adelaide, and she is the daughter of Petunia and Vernon Dursley, well Adelaide thinks that! She is actually the daughter of... read and find out!

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Chapter 1
The Dursely's still lived in Privet Drive, of course. This was when Harry was dating Ginny.The Dursley's had moved back to Privet Drive after the... well, you know. Petunia did have another daughter, (well, Adelaide believed that she was the daughter of Petunia, but later you will know that that is not true, and her name was Adelaide. Adelaide, yes, was quite spoilt. Adelaide was fifteen years old, with blonde long beautiful hair, and Petunia often boasted about it. Adelaide loved her family, and she was quite glad that Dudley was not living here now. For Dudley had moved out a few weeks ago, no, now for a month he had been gone. Petunia was quite tear-faced when he went, for she loved her "little" boy. Most of the day, in the holidays, Adelaide spent most of the day outside playing with the cat, for yes, they had got a cat, Adelaide, with difficulty, had managed to persuade Petunia to get a cat, and Petunia, just for her "daughter" had got her one. Adelaide's cat was white with brown markings around her eyes.

Adelaide, now, sat outside on the soft mowed lawn and gazed up at the sky. She wished something exciting would happen, like going to Rainbow's End or going horse-riding, but Petunia disliked those kind of stuff strongly. She would not let her "daughter" go on that kind of stuff.

Adelaide stood up and shook her blonde hair out of her eyes, her blue eyes twinkling. She walked inside, carrying the cat and stroking it's neck at the same time.
"Please sit down at the table," said Petunia when she saw Adelaide. "I've got fresh bread and a hot chocolate there."
Adelaide sighed and sat down. She looked up at her "mother" and asked tentatively, "Could we just go somewhere exciting? Please? I want to do something!"

Adelaide saw Petunia's eyes dart around the room and then Petunia inhaled and said quickly, "Just a minute, Adelaide," and she walked, almost ran, out of the room. Up the stairs she went, glancing downstairs at Adelaide, and smiled, just so she wouldn't look so suspicious. Adelaide returned a half smile and looked down at her food, and began to eat.


I reached the top of the stairs and walked briskly into Vernon's office.
"What's going on now, Petunia?" asked Vernon grimly. "I'm doing my work right now, so please will you go out? I'm almost finished."
"No, I need to talk to you now. It is serious, Vernon." I stared at him, my eyebrows slightly raised.
"Yes, what is it then?" asked Vernon, fingering his pudgy face. "What is serious?"
"Adelaide- she wants to go out again, do something exciting, and I'm starting to worry that she will discover about Hogwarts -" I shuddered at the word.
"Well, just let her go outside and do something, like just let her go around the streets or something."
"But I am afraid that someone will reveal something to her about Hogwarts - someone who is m - you know, the M word."
"Well, I don't know, then," said Vernon, and returned to his work.
I sighed and turned to leave but then stopped. "And Vernon, you do remember that she is related to the Potters."
"Of course I darn well remember that!" snarled Vernon, his face turning red, "and I don't want to talk about it!"
I was surprised, Vernon never really got that angry at me. I suppose it's just the tiring work and the heat of the day, and I walked out of Vernon's office, and back downstairs.


Petunia looked normal again when she came downstairs. Adelaide raised her eyebrows, but Petunia pretended not to see this and started to chop salary.
Adelaide shrugged and stood up from the table, placing her plate on the bench. Sighing, and curiosity rising up in her, wondering what Petunia was up to, she went into her room and jumped onto her bed... thinking... thinking...
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