Harry Potter: The Differences Between

written by Lily Lavender

Have you ever wondered what differences there are between the Harry Potter films & the books? This book dives into eleven of the differences for each book & film. Immerse yourself deeper into the wizarding world & expand your knowledge of Harry Potter with this book. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Book Five/Film Five

Chapter 5


Harry Potter has been with the Dursleys throughout the entire summer & one night, Dudley Dursley & Harry get attacked by Dementors. Harry uses his magic to fend them off & gets reprimanded for it by the Ministry of Magic. Soon after, Professor Moody, Professor Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, & Kingsley Shacklebolt takes Harry to Sirius's home where his friends are. Sirius's house is now the official secret place for the Order of the Phoenix. Now back at school, a new teacher comes into play, Professor Umbridge, who is also a part of the Ministry of Magic. Professor Umbridge doesn't teach the students any real magic & the Minister for Magic gives her the power to discharge any staff member & create laws stating that there will be no practicing magic at the school.

The golden trio decide to create a secret club that would enable students from all houses, except Slytherin's, to learn spells & practice magic. After awhile, Harry is taught by Professor Snape on Occlumency because Voldemort tries to get into Harry's mind, but fails the lessons. One night during the secret club's meeting, Professor Umbridge finds them, destroys their meeting place, & becomes headmistress of Hogwarts. Professor Umbridge gets whisked away by Centaurs due to Hermione's stalling. Harry is determined to save Sirius once more, so the golden trio, along with Ginny, Luna, & Neville, go to the Ministry of Magic together.

Harry finds a room full of prophecy's in crystal balls & finds his name on one of them. Not much later, Death Eaters arrive & attack the students. But the members of the Order of the Phoenix come & defeat them. Before the battle has been carried out however, the crystal ball shatters & Sirius is murdered by Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry is so angered by this, that he runs after Bellatrix. Voldemort shows up & taunts & attacks Harry until Dumbledore joins in. Voldemort & Dumbledore battle each other until Voldemort flees the scene. Once everyone is back at Hogwarts again, Dumbledore discusses with Harry that either Voldemort will live or he will; not both. The school year resumes as normal & Harry returns to the Dursley's for the summer.

The Differences

In the book, there are multiple howlers that were went to the Dursley's because of Harry using magic outside of school grounds. In the film, Harry is the one the howler is addressed to & there is only one howler that is seen. My guess is that one howler is plenty when filming a scene.

In the book, Ron & Hermione are prefects & have prefect duties throughout the book. In the film, Ron & Hermione are not prefects. I'm not sure why the director decided to take this out of the film.

In the book, Harry & the Weasley twins get banned from Quidditch by Professor Umbridge. Ron is named keeper & Ginny is named seeker as fill-ins. In the film, Quidditch is not mentioned at all throughout the film. It seems like a significance for Professor Umbridge & her law of no magical sports.

In the book, Hagrid tells Harry about Thestrals. In the film though, Luna Lovegood tells Harry about them. My guess is that the director wanted more of the Luna character on screen.

In the book, Dobby discovers the Room of Requirement for Harry for the DA. In the film, Neville discovers it instead. I'm not sure why they decided to make a small adjustment in the film.

In the book, Harry & Cho Chang go on a date in Hogsmeade. In the film however, Harry & Cho kiss, but never dated. A scene of Harry & Cho having an awkward date would have been cringe worthy in the film, so they did not include it.

In the book, Professor Snape's memory shows Lily, James, Lupin, Peter, & Sirius as students at Hogwarts. In the film, only a fragment of Professor Snape's memory is seen. To use the entire storyline of Professor Snape's past, the film would have been too long, so they did not use this storyline.

In the book, Mariette Edgecombe rats out the DA to Professor Umbridge. In the film, Cho Chang rats them out. My guess is that Cho is more known throughout the film & so they just went with that.

In the book, St. Mungo's Hospital is mentioned when Mr. Weasley got bit by Voldemort's snake. In the film, St. Mungo's Hospital is never mentioned anywhere in the film. No one knows why they did not have this as a scene in the film.

In the book, Professor Trelawney's prophecy about Neville or Harry being the chosen one was mentioned. However in the film, there is no mention at all about it. It would have been a good scene, but they did not include it in the film.

In the book, Harry throws & destroys Dumbledore's office after Sirius dies. In the film, Harry doesn't destroy Dumbledore's office, but he chases after Bellatrix to get revenge but fails. It would have been a really intense scene to have because it would have showed Harry's frustration with being the chosen one.

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