Herbology Textbook

This is a Herbology textbook, for anyone who is struggling with the subject!

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What You Need To Know

Chapter 1
What is Herebology?

Herebology is the study of magical and non-magical plants. Yes, it is the study of non-magical plants too! Did you know that in Potions they use non-magical plants as well? Well, they do. Non-magical plants actually help wizards. For instance, if they were poisoned, you would need to make the Healing Potion, and you would need a non-magical potion too. Well, I will talk more about non-magical plants later.
Imagine if we didn't have any magical plants in the world. What a disaster that would be. Witches and wizards would be dying all over the world, be thankful for goodness sake that there are magical plants in the world, for yes, non-magical potions just by themselves can't be brewed in a potion and given to a witch/wizard, for that wouldn't help them if they were sick. You need to have at least two or three magical plants in a potion.

Gloves, Wand, and Earmuffs

When handling with plants you need to make sure you are wearing close-toed shoes, occasionally a mask if fumes or scents are present, and especially dragon-hide gloves, a wand, and earmuffs. Without these, you shouldn't handle with plants. Bare skin against plants that are magical might be particularly dangerous. If you are handling with a mandrake, for instance, please remember to wear dragon hide gloves, and earmuffs. Oh, yes, earmuffs. You definitely need earmuffs when handling with mandrakes, for mandrakes the cry of a baby mandrake when it is pulled out of the soil can make the listener unconscious. If you hear a adult mandrake cry, it can kill you. Yes, I am being serious.
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