To Save a Life

To Save a Life is a story about Evelyn and her friend, who is in danger of dying, but Evelyn is determined to help her best friend. So she goes on to the adventure, where there is a certain plant that will help her friend. So Evelyn boldly go's into the Forbidden Forest - she won't give up till she has found the plant.

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Chapter 1

Evelyn Willow rushed forward to the Ravenclaw door, and a voice came out of no where, saying, "I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves. What am I?"
"That's easy," said Evelyn. "A bank, now hurry up and open up."
"Correct," said the voice, and the door swung open. Evelyn ran inside, grabbed her Transfiguration essay that she had worked on all night and then ran back out of the Ravenclaw common room, minding to shut the door behind her. Then she started to run, fast, to the Transfiguration classroom. She reached it soon enough, and opened the door and walked into the classroom, panting. "I'm sorry, Professor," she apologized to Professor McGonagall, "but I forgot my essay to give to you." She gave the essay to the Professor. Professor McGonagall scanned it, and said, "I will inspect it more later, and I expect that you did very well again."
Evelyn blushed, and said, "Thanks, Professor!" and then ran to her seat, and rested her elbows on the desk.


The lesson ended soon enough. Professor McGonagall had been talking all about Transfiguration, going over about what Transfiguration was, because Evelyn's second year had just started. Then the class had tried to transfigure a snail into a nail. Evelyn had done pretty well, she had almost transfigured the snail into the nail, except that the nail had a shell.
"Hey, Evelyn!"
Evelyn turned around to see James, her friend, come running towards her, his hair all messed up because he had been running.
"What is it?" said Evelyn, starting to walk again back down the corridor.
"Evelyn, this is urgent!" said James.
"What's urgent, then?" asked Evelyn. "I have to be at History of Magic in like fifteen minutes! Can you wait and tell me after?"
"No!" said James impatiently. "I have to tell you now!"
"Fine. What is it?"
"Lisa's feeling really sick - Madam Pomfrey says she is in no condition whatsoever to get up from bed," said James. He looked worried, and Evelyn herself began to get worried.
"I'll come to the hospital wing with you then," said Evelyn, and together they rushed to the hospital, Evelyn forgetting all about History of Magic.
"Lisa, are you ok?" said Evelyn when they reached the hospital wing. Lisa looked pale, and her lips were blue. Clearly, she was not ok.
"Madam Pomfrey, what's wrong with her?" demanded Evelyn. "Tell me!"
"Now, child, don't speak to me like that," she said sternly. "Well, if you're so worried..."
"Of course I'm worried about her," said Evelyn indignantly.
Madam Pomfrey bowed her head and did not say anything.
Panic arose in Evelyn. If Madam Pomfrey could not heal her... Evelyn could bear to think about the thought...
She was going to go to the Headmistress's office. She was going to ask Headmistress McGonagall about Lisa.
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