Complete Book of Spells, and Who They Were Invented By!

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The Wand-Lighting Charm & The Extinguishing Charm

Chapter 1

The Wand-Lighting Charm

Incantation: Lumos (LOO - mos)
Wand Movement: Full counter-clockwise circle
Willpower: None
Concentration: None

The Wand-Lighting Charm was invented by Levina Monkstanley in the 18th century. She used it in the Ministry of Magic in 1772 - to the astonishment of her colleagues - to look for a fallen quill in a dusty corner.

The Wand-Extinguishing Charm

Incantation: Nox (NOX - ss)
Wand Movement: Full clockwise circle
Willpower: None
Concentration: None

The Wand-Extinguishing Charm was invented by the same witch who invented the Wand-Lighting Charm, Levina Monkstanley.

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