First Years Guide to Ace History of Magic: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for HOM-101. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Lesson Three: The Americas Study Guide

Chapter 4

The Clovis

In 1933, the people who founded America were called the Clovis by Muggle archaeologists, but the original name was the Kaia-Vaha. In 1935 at a wizarding history conference, they made a decision to go with the Muggle term. By doing this, they were connecting wizard & Muggle history together to not confuse people. Muggles & wizards lived among each other at this time. Witches & wizards also educated Muggles on which part of an animal they can use for other uses. Wooly mammoths' tusks were used for weapons. The Clovis eventually died out in the Mass Cooling, but magical people used the Warming Charm to keep themselves warm.

The Olmec

With the Olmec, they used rankings. Witches & wizards were ranked the highest; rulers & shamans. They were ranked above Muggle priests. Below them were artisans, laborers, & farmers. Rulers were supposedly portrayed by the gods & were treated as a ruler of all people. The Olmec was a part of The Great Pyramid in La Venta, Mexico along with the Muggles. The Great Pyramid was discovered in the pre-Columbian era.

The Maya

The Maya lived around the time of the Olmec & were a group of the Mesoamericans. They lived in parts of Central America & Southern Mexico. They were the pre-classical era (between 2000 BCE & 300 BCE) & were village-oriented. Magical people planted food which granted them a longer period of life. The Maya also used jade & obsidian for divination. The Maya created their own written & verbal language, as well as their own sociology.

Fun Facts
The decision of calling the Kaia-Vaha Clovis was made in Vienna.
During the time of the Clovis people, wizards would kill megafauna, such as wooly mammoths, & share the food with Muggles.
In Clovis times, phoenixes were for healing purposes.
Other statues of the Olmec are big heads. These statues are in the Villahermosa Magical Excavation Museum.

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