First Years Guide to Ace History of Magic: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for HOM-101. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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History of Magic Glossary

Chapter 1

Akim Malaam ⊱ A potioneer & magiarchaeologist who discovered an immortality potion in Sumer.

Alexander the Great ⊱ The son of Phillip II. He had the gift of magic & used it to increase his empire. After his death, the empire split into parts.

Alphonse Mason ⊱ He discovered the magic in the Stonehenge in 1800.

Anna Zakowsky ⊱ A co-worker of Robert Meddleweb & a Muggle historian.

Artisans ⊱ Muggles who had a skilled trade of creating things by hand.

Astronomical Magic ⊱ Magic that uses the sun, moon, & planets.

BCE ⊱ Before Common Era.

Black Sea-Caspian Steppe ⊱ Moves from the Caspian Sea to Caucasus Mountains. This steppe is part of the Western Steppe.

Brahmin ⊱ Also called the B'ha-Rahi Brotherhood. They protected the Indus River Valley people from Lahoo Vampires.

Byblas ⊱ A city of Phoenicians.

CE ⊱ Common Era.

Cedany ⊱ A hag in The Hag & the Misfortune of DeBolbec story. She turned Josselyn into stone & died from a stone, squashing her. She was able to create basic to advanced magic.

Classical Antiquity ⊱ The Greco-Roman era. Various wars & multiple battles were triumphed because of magical wisdom.

Colossal Heads ⊱ Big headed statues that were carved & crafted by Muggle artisans. Magical people enchanted the stones & moved them.

Consilium Imperii Magi ⊱ The C.I.M. or the Council of the Empire's Wizards.

Constantinpole ⊱ The International Summit of Magical Communications.

Crimean Peninsula Steppe ⊱ A big link to wizards & Muggles in the Mediterranean basin. This steppe is part of the Western Steppe.

Democritus ⊱ A Greek philosopher who agreed on explaining things scientifically instead of belief.

Descent of Blizz ⊱ Known as the Muggle Ice Age.

Dr. Josiah Loppet ⊱ He strongly disagrees with the Theory of Uno Mas. He wrote a book called The Anti-Uno Mas Theory.

Epic of Gilgamesh ⊱ The story about the fifth king of Uruk. Gilgamesh was said to be two thirds god & one third man. Gilgamesh was a wizard who prolonged his life & ruled as king for 126 years. He also supposedly defeated the Huwawa.

Ethnocentrism ⊱ Frequently ensues prejudice & dehumanization of others.

Foci ⊱ A common name for tools to aid with magic. Ivory was a common aid.

Gerbert DeBolbec ⊱ A wealthy wizard who used magic from nature & lived with his wife Josselyn in the Salisbury Plains. His story The Hag & the Misfortune of DeBolbec was a theory of how the Stonehenge came to be. He died due to magical exhaustion.

Goddess Athena ⊱ The goddess of wisdom.

Hag's Heel ⊱ The mark of Cedany's body on the Stonehenge. Muggles call this the Friar's Heel.

Hammurabi Code ⊱ The code of law for Mesopotamian people. The Letter of Severance helped with this. When the code came to be, witches and wizards were being murdered in Akkad and Babylon.

Harrision Byproo ⊱ A magihistorian who protested Robert Meddleweb's theory of Apparition.

Heka ⊱ Another word for magic.

He De Fashi ⊱ A traditional name for imperial servants who stopped the Yellow River from flooding by using magic.

Hierarchy ⊱ People get put into a ranking system. Magical people are ranked very high.

Ho Mao Tseng ⊱ A famous wizard explorer & magihistorian who tracked down people who practiced ancient magic. He was the discoverer of the Migration Theory & he was the fiercest supporter of it.

Huwawa ⊱ A beast that was thought to be dragon-like, but was more like a Nundu. This beast is also known as the Humbaba. Gilgamesh supposedly defeated this beast.

Ja'mam Biba ⊱ A Muggle person who lived in Babylon & wrote the Letter of Severance. She wrote about her horrible experience of her teeth being pulled & her eyes being scooped out by a man who she claimed to not have touched her.

Josselyn ⊱ Wife to Gerbert DeBolbec. She wanted to make peace with Cedany by offering protection to her land with magic, but got turned into stone instead.

Kazakh Desert ⊱ South of the Central Steppe. This is in the Central Steppe.

Kazakh Forest ⊱ Also known as the Siberian forest. This is in the Central Steppe.

Lahsun ⊱ The magical leader of B'ha-Rahi who was worshipped like a god & also called The Divine One. He was very popular for having a distaste for vampires & murdered lots of them. He educated the Indus River Valley people to use garlic & wooden stakes.

Latin ⊱ The Roman Empire's language.

Lilth Greenswald ⊱ A magihistorian of the Museum of Alps History.

Magianthropologist ⊱ A magical anthropologist who studies human societies.

Magiarchaeologist ⊱ A magical archaeologist who studies history from artifacts & excavation sites.

Magihistorian ⊱ A magical historian who studies magical history.

Maheka-Lala ⊱ Another word for Egyptian curse-breakers.

Manchurian Steppe ⊱ It is in the Northeast Manchuria & Mongolia. This is part of the Eastern Steppe.

Megafauna ⊱ Very big animals.

Mongol Steppe ⊱ It is in Mongolia & has the Gobi Desert which no one really lives in. This is part of the Eastern Steppe.

Muggle ⊱ A non-magical person.

Natural Progression ⊱ Nature pushes certain habits on Muggles who respond differently than magical people would.

Outlying Offices of Magical Australia ⊱ The O.O.M.A. A magical government who slowly increased into politics.

Perikles ⊱ A wizard who designed the Parthenon for goddess Athena in 477 BCE. He built the Parthenon by magic in the darkness of night.

Phillip II of Macedonia ⊱ An emperor who had magical abilities.

Phoenician ⊱ A lineage of the Proto-Canaanite Alphabet.

Professor Anne Barkum ⊱ A magihistorian who suspects that the Maya were the first who discovered divination.

Professor Hugo Bjorken ⊱ A senior curator & magianthropologist who has the Birch Bark Manuscript at the Brussels Museum of Ancient Magical History.

Professor Virneburg ⊱ A recent Charms Professor who researched wandlore & how much power it has with Garrick Ollivander.

Professor Wessex ⊱ A former magiarchaeologist & can also read Phoenic language.

Robert Meddleweb ⊱ A magihistorian who discovered ancient notes of magic. He discovered that many of the Uyghur people were magical.

Romulus ⊱ A founder of Rome & created love potions so men could use it on the Sabine women.

Runes ⊱ A written piece for a magical purpose.

Scipio Nasica ⊱ A cousin of Tiberius Gracchus who also murdered him.

Senator Tiberius Gracchus ⊱ A wizard who believed he was supposed to be above the Muggles.

Sorcerer ⊱ People who have a source of magic.

Steppe ⊱ A region that has grasslands that are flat without trees, rivers, or lakes.

The Huns ⊱ Portrayed as barbarians who destroy empires & murder people. They defeated the Roman Empire & their magic only really started to notice in 1978.

The Mass Cooling ⊱ A weather adjustment which caused grave suffering for Muggles who died due to hypothermia.

The Va Oua ⊱ A drawing of the Clovis collecting stones.

Trepangs ⊱ Sea cucumber from Australian shorelines.

Uno Mas ⊱ The first wizard ever in existence.

Utoipious Black ⊱ A magihistorian who created the term Clovis.

Vipera Evanesca ⊱ The Snake Banishing Charm.

Watkin Tench ⊱ A Muggle officer.

William Marangue ⊱ He wrote about Uno Mas in his book called, The Theory of Uno Mas & claimed that Uno Mas was the first wizard.

Xinjiang Steppe ⊱ In Northwest China. It has two regions; the Tarim Basin & the Tianshan Mountains. This is part of the Eastern Steppe.

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