Makuta a te Taiao!

This is the story about a 12 year old girl, called Isabella. She doesn't go to Hogwarts, but to a completely different school, called Makutu a te Taiao! (By the way, Lizzie tonks created the school, but she said I could use it! I give lots of credit to her! Thanks a lot, Lizzie!)

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About Me & The Letter

Chapter 1
I tossed my book onto the bed, and slumped back in my chair, pushing back my shoulder-length brown reddish hair. I sighed, and looked at the small clock. It was 1:30.
Would anything exciting happen again? The only kind of exciting thing that had happened was that my dad had taken me to Rainbow's End. Yeah. Wow. And it hadn't really been that fun, (I will never say that to mum and dad) because it had been so crowded, and people had been pushing past you and stuff, people screaming and all that kind of stuff. I normally love to do that kind of stuff, though. I glanced at the clock again. One minute had passed. Ava had said she would be here at 1: 25. And 6 minutes had passed. I bit my lip, and gazed at the ceiling.
I lived in NZ, in Auckland. I loved it here, but I loved the country more. I have some really nice friends in the country, and I wish I could visit them right now. My name is Isabella Oakwood, and I'm 12 years old. I have shoulder-length brown red hair, and green eyes.
Finally I heard someone coming up the stairs. I immediately jumped up, tucked my hair behind my ears, and stood straight, waiting for Ava to enter. She did.
"Bella. What's up?" Ava asked me, smiling. She jumped onto my bed. "Come on, I'll plait your hair. It looks so messy."
I walked slowly over to Ava, not saying anything.
"Bella! Come on. Tell me. Is something wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong. I'm just bored," I answered, sitting next to her. Ava began to plait my hair, and she said, "Well, why don't we go to the sweet shop, that's just round the corner then?"
"No thanks. I don't feel like that," I said moodily.
"Um, okay," said Ava, looking at me. "But Bella, if anything is wrong, just tell me, okay?"
I turned my head so I was looking at Ava. "Well.... Ava, I got this weird letter."
"A letter? From whom?" asked Ava curiously.
"I dunno, I think from a teacher or something. But it said that I was a..." I paused.
"You were a what?"
I swallowed before saying, "A witch."
Ava burst out laughing. "A witch," she said, one hand over her mouth. She was laughing so much.
"Not THAT kind of witch, Ava!" I said crossly. "As if I would be a witch." But a smile twitched on my mouth. "I'm like... well... a girl witch. Like a girl witch with a wand... like in Harry Potter!"
Ava stopped laughing. "What? You mean you believe that there is a actual school like that, but in NZ?" she gaped at me. "Bella, you're kidding, right?"
"No, I'm not," I said, my heart thumping. "I'm not kidding."
Ava swallowed. "Show me the letter then."
I walked over to my desk, and opened the draw, and then took out the letter. It was crumpled slightly, the past few nights I had been squeezing it, and had kept rereading it. I handed it to Ava. She took it, slowly. I watched as her eyes scanned the parchment. She only said the last three words aloud, quietly. "From Professor Lungburg." She slowly looked up at me, and our eyes met.

This is what the letter had said:

Dear Isabella June, I am pleased to say that you are accepted into our Magical School in NZ, 'Makuta a te Taiao!' This is a school, where we learn spells and lots of other stuff. This school is quite like the Harry Potter school, Hogwarts, but we do not do sorting, so we are all together - well, all the students are. You will get your own room, (and if you want, you can take a pet), and I sincerely hope that you will get acquainted with the other students, (I hope that you become friends with some of them). Thank you very much, Miss June, and we hope you enjoy this term at Makuta a te Taiao!

From Professor E. Lungburg.

PS. Inform this letter to your parents, and I am sure they will happily acquaint you to the school! Thank you again!

"So?" I said.
"But... but that's impossible! A... a actual wizarding school?"
"A NZ one," I said, still looking at her.
Ava gulped. "I never actually believed in Harry Potter stuff."
"And now you should, because... what's her name? Oh, Professor Lungburg has sent me a letter."
"I know. Is this a dream? Am I going to wake up and discover it is just a dream?"
"No, it's real," I said, and then I said more softly, "so it's called, 'Makuta a te Taiao.'"
Ava did not say anything, but stared at the floor. Finally she spoke. "Well, you'll have to go to this school. This magic school."
Just then my mum called, saying that Ava mum was here, wanting her to come back.
"Well, bye, Bella," said Ava quietly.
"I'll come round to your house tomorrow, okay?" I said.
"Okay," Ava said, and she went out of my room, down to her mum.

A few minutes later I decided to go on the road with my skateboard. Well, mum would certainly not let me do that, but I'd sneak out. I put on my hoodie, and went outside. It was quite chilly out there, but I hardly noticed it. I put down my skateboard, and pushed it forward with one foot on the ground, then lifted that up, and down I went, on the road.
Two minutes passed, and suddenly a big car was coming towards me. I didn't notice it at first, and the person who was driving the car was on her phone - which was so stupid to be doing while driving.
I yelled, because when I saw it, it was barely inches from me. I jumped away, onto the footpath, but my foot got hooked on the curb, and cruuunch my big toe had been squashed by the wheel of the car. I cried out in pain.
The lady who had been driving the car, jumped out of it, exclaiming, "Oh my gosh are you okay, darling?"
I didn't say anything. I wanted to glare at her, but instead I clutched at my toe, and that made it even worse pain come.
I wanted to cry, I tried not to, but I couldn't help hot tears spilling down my cheeks. I wiped away the tears, and looked up at the lady, who immediately, (I was surprised) picked me up and put me in her car.
"Where do you live, dear?" asked the lady, rubbing my back.
"Just, just round the corner," I managed to say.
The lady immediately started the car again, and drove round the corner.
She took me inside, and I closed my eyes.
I heard talking, but I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. Soon, thankfully, I fell asleep.
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