Jack Felton

This is Jack's Felton's first year at Hogwarts. Then it goes to his second year, then his third, and on till his seventh year! Please read, and I really hope you like it! Thanks! Milly Moody.

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Chapter 1

Jack didn't really know he was a wizard, until he was six. He had heard people saying, like his mother or his father, "You're a wizard!" But he had not really paid attention to them, but had continued playing with his toys, and looking at his mother with a puzzled expression. He had not really known what a wizard was until he was seven.
One day, when he was ten, his mother smiled at him and said, "Only one more year till you're going to Hogwarts!"
"Hogwarts? Oh, Hogwarts," Jack said, turning away. He did not really know the wonders of Hogwarts - his mother nor his father had not really explained to him what Hogwarts was really like. The truth was, actually, was that he was a little nervous. He had imagined Hogwarts to be like a huge school, with so many students and with hard essays to do every day, and Jack hated essays.
He had never said that to his parents, of course, they would think he was a little coward. Jack leaned forward and scribbled something on his piece of paper, thinking hard.
A loud knock interrupted his thoughts, and he jumped up, a little bewildered.
"Jack, the door!" called his mother from the kitchen.
"Yes, I'll get it," called back Jack. He lay down his quill and walked to the door. He hesitated, then answered it.
A man with a top hat, matching with a black coat with a tail, was standing there. Jack was surprised. That was a unusual suit to wear around Bradford town.
"Ah. Hello Jack." The man smiled at him. "May I see your mother? I would like to speak to her."
Jack was startled. How did this man know his name? But instead of asking that, he said quickly, "of - of course. I'll get her!" and he ran away from the man, into the kitchen.
"Mum! There's a strange man at the doorway. He wants to talk to you, and he is wearing the most peculiar suit, with a -"
"Yes, it's time he's here," said Mrs Felton, interrupting her son and pushing him aside. Then she walked out of the kitchen and to the doorway.
"Hello! Yes, come in, come in." Mrs Felton said. Then she turned to Jack and said, "off you go, then, Jack."
"Yes, ma'am," said Jack, but instead of obeying his mother, he pretended to walk away, and then when his mother's back was turned he shut the kitchen door and knelt by it. He was going to eavesdrop, like lots of little children like to do.
"Yes, I have told him that, but he doesn't seem to understand what Hogwarts is actually like," Mrs Felton was saying.
Jack moved closer to the door, excited.
"Well, he needs to get the idea, then. And he will, soon enough, next year, when he goes to hogwarts," the man with the top hat was saying. "But he will have to make some friends. When I went to Hogwarts, and had no friends, I felt very lonely. The boy will need some."
"He has made some friends."
"Muggle friends," said the man, laughing. "I mean wizard or witches friends, Rivera."
"Yes, and I sure he will quickly when he is at Hogwarts."
But Jack thought sullenly, no, mother, you're wrong. The Muggle friends (who on earth were muggle friends, Jack thought) had not been his companions, only his background friends.
"Anyway, as you know, McGonagall will send him a letter
"Yes, I know.Would you like to have something to drink, Edward?"
"Oh no, I mustn't - I need to be at the Ministry in - jeepers! I have to be there in five minutes!" Edward said, and Jack heard him jump up from his chair.
Jack just jumped away as his mother opened the kitchen door. "That was Edward Curtiss," she said.
"Oh," said Jack. "So, mother, you said I'm going to go to Hogwarts in one year. So I'll go there when I'm eleven?"
"Yes dear," said Mrs Felton. "Goodbye, Edward!" She called to him. Jack heard the front door shut.
"Lunch, dear," said Mrs Felton, pointing at the table. A banana sandwich was there.
Jack sat down, starting to eat. He thought about Hogwarts, and about McGonagall. Was she was going to send him a letter? Well, that was certainly what Mr Curtiss had said. Jack thought and thought, munching his sandwich all the time.
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