The Battle Of Hogwarts

This is a story about a girl named Scarlett, who is related to the Malfoys. It is her sixth year at Hogwarts, but in this story it goes to her seventh year as well! She is there...when the Battle Of Hogwarts begins! (By the way, if you like my book, you can post on my wall,which I'd be very grateful if you did!! Thank you so much, guys! And remember that this book is in PROGRESS!)

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1. Scarlett

Chapter 1


Scarlett walked into the dining hall.
Her uncle, Lucius, ignored her. He was reading the Prophet.
Scarlett sidled into the kitchen to make her breakfast. She glanced out of the window. It was a clear day, and this was a perfect day for her to practise on her broomstick.

At that moment Draco entered. He had shadows under his eyes, and his blond white hair was all ruffled up.
"You look terrible, Draco," said Scarlett."'You've been staying up all night, haven't you?"
Draco didn't answer. He sat down next to his father, then said to Scarlett, "Shouldn't you be packing?"
"And so should you," replied Scarlett. She abandoned her breakfast, and slumped onto the couch. "I can't believe it! My second last last year at Hogwarts! I'm actually going to leave it soon. I'm going to miss it."
Draco mumbled something, and then Scarlett went upstairs to pack. She packed her books, her robes, and all her other school things. She fumbled with her wand, then sent a Stunning Spell at her cupboard, it shook then became still again.

Then, she remembered that Luna Lovegood would be meeting her at Kings Cross. Oh Luna! She was such a funny, solemn, strange girl, talking excitedly about Wrackspurts and Flying Wuzzbees.
Draco, her uncle and her aunt of course disproved of her, but Scarlett was very glad to have a friend like her.

Soon Scarlett was ready to leave. She said goodbye to her dog, Wilfred, who wagged his tail enthusiastically as she approached him.

Here is a picture of Wilfred


Scarlett bent down and kissed him on the head. "Good boy," she said fondly.
She then picked up her bags and followed Draco outside.
"We're going to Side-Along Apparate with mother," said Draco.
"Ooh, really?" Scarlett ran to her Aunt, and gripped her arm. Draco took her other arm.

"We're going, darling," called Narcissa to her husband.
"Right," mumbled Lucius.
Then suddenly together they turned on the spot and Scarlett could not breathe, but then she could, and she opened her eyes to find herself in Kings Cross!
Then she could see Luna.
"Luna! Luna! I'm over here!" called Scarlett.
Luna turned at smiled, and she came over to Scarlett. "I'm so sorry, Scarlett, but Neville and Ginny really wanted me to meet them in another compartment! I'm really sorry."
"Oh...well, that's okay," said Scarlett slowly. She turned and went back to Narcissa and Draco.
"You better get onto the train, then," said Narcissa. She kissed her son on the head, and gave Scarlett a brisk hug. Then Scarlett and Draco hopped onto the train.

They found a empty compartment - (Scarlett had refused to sit with Crabbe and Goyle.)
The train started to move.
They did not talk for a while but thought.
Scarlett thought of the Great Hall, and all the delicious food, and her mouth watered, and she remembered that she hadn't had breakfast, and she couldn't wait until the trolley lady would come.

Finally the compartment door slid open, but to Scarlett's disappointment, it was not the trolley lady, but a girl with raven black hair, and the darkest greenest eyes.
"Can I share this compartment with you?" she asked in a cool voice.
Scarlett glanced at Draco, who nodded his head the slightest, so Scarlett said, "Okay."
The girl dropped in the seat next to Draco and glanced at him.

Draco pretended he had not seen this, and moved a little away from her.
"I'm Violet. Violet Bilderworth. And you are?" she asked Scarlett.
"I'm Scarlett Treeworth and this is my cousin, Draco Malfoy," replied Scarlett. "Nice to meet you."
"Oh, of course it's Malfoy," said Violet coolly, looking at Draco. Draco avioded her gaze.
"I'm in Slytherin," continued Scarlett. "I know Draco's in Slytherin, but what about you, Scarlett?"
"Same,"mumbled Scarlett. She did not tell her that the Hat had considered putting her into Gryffindor.
Soon the trolley lady came, and Scarlett bought as much sweets as she could. Biting into a cauldron cake, she mumbled, "Maybe we should change into our robes."
Violet nodded, and Draco merely mumbled, "Yes."


After a few minutes, the train started to slow down.
Scarlett glanced out of the window, and she could see Hogwarts.
"Everyone off the train!" shouted the train driver.
Scarlett and the two other walked down the train, amongst the other Hogwarts students. When they had got off the train, Scarlett could see the half-giant, Hagrid, calling, "Firs' years this way! Firs' years this way!"

"Let's get into the carriages, then," said Scarlett.
"Oh, sorry, but I'm meeting some friends in another one," said Violet.
"Oh, okay. That's fine." Scarlett waved goodbye to Violet, who stalked off, her black bushy hair flying behind her.
"Well, let's get into a carriage then," said Scarlett. She and Draco jumped onto one of the carriages. It started to move.
Scarlett looked at Draco. "What's up with you, Draco? You've been so quiet."
"Nothing's up," said Draco irritably.
"You're not telling me something, I know that," said Scarlett. "Come on, Draco. You can tell me! I'm your best friend and cousin!"

Draco still did not say anything.
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