First Years Guide to Ace Defense Against the Dark Arts: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for DADA-101. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Lesson Seven: Ghosts, Poltergeists, & Gytrashes Study Guide

Chapter 8


Ghosts are weightless & are see-through. Ghosts can't have an impact in the world because they can't touch physical items. When a living person walks through a ghost, the person feels cold to the bone. Since ghosts are see-through, they have the power to be unseen. To show respect, try not to walk through ghosts, as sometimes they become irritated. Muggles think that ghosts are for haunting the living, but in reality, only magical people can be ghosts after they pass. When talking with a ghost, never ask how they passed away, criticize them because they are dead, & always show appreciation for the length of time given to talk. They love giving advice on topics.


Poltergeists love causing mayhem & will live in places where there is people to pull pranks on, such as Hogwarts. Unlike ghosts, poltergeists can touch & move items. Poltergeists usually can't be seen, but Peeves is a rare poltergeist. The only way to get rid of a poltergeist is to leave; they will vanish temporarily because they can't feed power from not causing mayhem. In rare occasions, poltergeists can be managed. For example, Peeves only listened to Albus Dumbledore & the Bloody Baron. Peeves also listened to Fred & George Weasley to make Dolores Umbridge unhappy; due to the fact they always pulled pranks. When a poltergeist is near, you may experience thumping on walls, a physical force thrust upon you, items being tossed around the room, & sudden smells.


Gytrashes will only appear at night. They are large ghost dogs & can be transparent. They attack humans most of the time. They will usually pounce in groups of two to six. Gytrashes thrust at their target & leave one big bite before leaving. One gytrash can thrust & leave, but if there are more than one, it can be fatal. The Forbidden Forest & Hogwarts have a pack of gytrashes. With the Wand-Lighting Charm, gytrashes & ghosts will flee; they hate bright lights.

Fun Facts
Ghosts are not evil, but will hold bitterness for those who have wronged them when they were alive.
Examples of ghosts at Hogwarts are Moaning Myrtle & Nearly Headless Nick.
Once people come back again, poltergeists will regain their power & continue their mayhem.
Gytrashes are white with black eyes, & will attack anything in sight.

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