Milly Moody's Story at Hogwarts

This about my life at Hogwarts, as a third year. That is all I have to say - enjoy the book!

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Chapter 1

Milly Moody stood outside on the dewy grass, inhaling the fresh crisp air. She was going to leave for Hogwarts in an hour.
She then remembered she would be leaving behind her two most faithful and loving pets, her Thunderbird Zerrin, and her three headed dog pet, Pluto.
Proceeding inside, she found herself jumped on by Pluto, who began excitedly licking her face with all three heads. Laughing, she patted them fondly and kissed each of them on the head.
'Oh, poor Pluto,' she said, smiling. 'I'll have to leave you for another year. Now, where's Zerrin?'
'He's outside at the moment,with your father,' said Mrs Moody, pointing with a knife she had been cutting potatoes with. 'But dear, have your lunch first before you say goodbye to him... you'll have to leave soon.' She handed Milly a plate with eggs and toast with bacon on it.
Milly licked her lips, and sat down at the table. Pluto came over, and the three heads looked up at her imploringly. He looked so cute that Milly couldn't resist the temptation of giving him a bit of her toast.
When she had finished eating her appetizing and delicious meal, Mrs Moody said, 'I think we should go now - I don't want to be rushing.'
'Oh.' Even though Milly loved Hogwarts so, she didn't want to leave behind her two pets. But there was Starlight.
She stood up, and went to her bedroom, where Starlight was. She was on her windowsill, grooming her feathers.
'Hey Starlight,' Milly said gently. 'Time to go.'
Starlight looked up at her and cocked her head.
Milly laughed and stroked her owl tenderly. Then Starlight hopped onto her arm. Milly went outside to the back yard, where her father was with Zerrin.
'Dad! I'm going now,' said Milly.
Mr Moody looked up; he had been doing gardening. 'Now? Oh, well, enjoy your term, darling. I have to stay here to look after Pluto and Zerrin - well, Zerrin's alright by himself at home but you know what Pluto's like.' He smiled.
'Well, bye dad,' said Milly. She hugged her father.
'Milly! NOW shouted Mrs Moody.
'You better hurry or your mother will get cross,' said Mr Moody, winking and smiling at the same time.
Milly smiled back, then kissed her Thunderbird on the head. 'Goodbye, Zerrin,' she said, then hurried to her mother.
'We're going to get to King's Cross by car,' said Mrs Moody.
'Um, O.K,' said Milly. She dumped her bags in the boot, then got into the car.
She had one final look of her house and Pluto, who was behind the gate, before it disappeared from sight.
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