Shifting to Hogwarts

written by Elisabeth Rose

UPDATED Intro to shifting and how to do it. I will include my script, templates, and tips, as well as a bunch of shifting methods. I'm also going to use this to track my progress with trying to shift.

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My Process Using the Raven Method

Chapter 6
UPDATE: This is my process using the raven method, the first method that I tried. All of the beginning stuff is the same, but sometimes I change my method.

When I try to shift I always do it at night when I go to bed. So, I always get 100% ready for bed first (brush teeth, comfortable clothes, etc.) Make sure that you drink a lot of water because you don't want to get thirsty during this process and be distracted or have to stop and drink water.

Before anything else, I always read over my script 1 or 2 times and look at some of my script inspo pictures.

I always lay down on my bed, flat on my back in starfish position. All of my lights are turned out and my door is closed.

First, I put on a shifting guided mediation like one of the ones that I have linked in the previous chapter. I close my eyes, take some deep breaths, and start listening.

My mind likes to wander a lot, but I try to keep my focus and gently pull my thoughts back to what I am trying to do. if I hear any noises (such as my cats running down the hall), I simply pretend that they are creatures or students at Hogwarts.

Once my mediation is over, I KEEP MY EYES CLOSED and do not move. I do not open them, because I am not finished.

I like to set up a YouTube playlist or Spotify playlist so that when the mediation is over my subliminals start playing immediately after without me having to turn them on.

As soon as I hear my music, I start to count.

I go from 1 to 100, and in between each number I say "I have shifted" or "I am shifting".

I try to visualize what I look like, what my DR looks like, etc.

Once I have counted to 100, I repeat affirmations until I fall asleep.

Examples of affirmations include: I have shifted to my Desired Reality, I have shifted to Hogwarts, I am finally at Hogwarts, I am in my Desired Reality.
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