Shifting to Hogwarts

written by Elisabeth Rose

UPDATED Intro to shifting and how to do it. I will include my script, templates, and tips, as well as a bunch of shifting methods. I'm also going to use this to track my progress with trying to shift.

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Script Template

Chapter 3
Here is a basic template you can use when you write your script. I have broken it down into "basics" "personal info" "recommended" and "necessary". You really only need the basics and necessary stuff, but I STRONGLY suggest that you put it all in. You can add and take away anything you want or think is/isn't applicable to you.


My name is:

I am (blank) years old. I am in my (blank) year at Hogwarts.

My birthday is:

I have (blank) hair and (blank) eyes. I am (blank) tall, and I weigh (blank) lbs.

My gender is (blank) and my sexuality is (blank).

The languages I speak are (blank).

My house at Hogwarts is (blank).

My best features are:

My pet is:

My Patronus is:

My wand is:

My parents are (blank). I am (blank) blood.


My personality is (blank).

At Hogwarts, my friends are (blank). My friends understand my sense of humor and references. We became friends because (blank). None of my friends can die.

I share my dorm with (blank).

People I don’t get along with at Hogwarts include (blank). My main rival is (blank). We are rivals because (blank).

I am very talented at (blank) classes. I am also an exceptional (blank). I love (blank).

I am a bit (introverted/extroverted). My friends love me because (blank).

In my free time at Hogwarts, I like to play (blank).


Hogwarts is stunning and magical. I know Hogwarts very well, like the back of my hand, and can navigate the halls with ease. I know my schedule. I know my house password/riddle.

My favorite part of Hogwarts is (blank).

I can always find the Room of Requirement whenever it’s needed.

I am friendly with all the paintings and ghosts at Hogwarts.

I have permission to go to Hogsmeade and my favorite thing to do there is (blank).

I can easily conjure a patronus and I know exactly what memory to use.

My professors at Hogwarts like me and I get great grades without having to study very hard. I understand all of my classes very well.

My favorite professor is (blank).

My favorite class is (blank). Of my friends, (blank) are also in the same class.

Nobody asks me questions about my backstory or question why I’m there.

When I have successfully shifted, I will know because (blank).

My eyes will automatically open when I enter my Desired Reality.

My Desired Reality will pause when I leave it.

When I am in my Desired Reality, 1 hour of my Current Reality is equal to 1 day in my Desired Reality.

My waiting room looks (blank).

Life in my Desired Reality will follow the plot of the Harry Potter movies except (blank).

My clone will act as I normally do while I am in my Desired Reality. My clone would never do anything I wouldn’t do in my current reality. My clone is safe and happy.

My clone will not tell anyone that I have shifted.

To return to my Current Reality, I will wave my wand in an arc and jump up and down three times.

If anyone from my Current Reality tries to return me from my Desired Reality to my Current Reality, I will know and have the choice to stay or go.


I age with the characters at Hogwarts.

All of the people in my Desired Reality look as they did in the movies.

I do not have health or physical problems of any kind. I can’t get sick.

I have perfect eyesight.

I have infinite outfit choices.

I can taste food normally; food tastes good.

If given a truth serum, I will say nothing about my Current Reality or shifting.

In my Desired Reality there is no racism, sexism, body shaming, homophobia, ableism, or shaming of any type.

I do not have (mental health conditions).

I can understand what everybody says, regardless of what accent they have.

I am never caught sneaking out.

I know the difference between Fred and George.

I am safe near the Whomping Willow and in the Forbidden Forest.

No one can read my mind.

I can never become a horcrux or infected with dark magic.

My memories can never be erased.

The Yule ball is every year and I always have a perfect date.

I have a photographic memory.

I can finish all of my homework in less than an hour.

I can write with a quill and I have perfect handwriting.

All magical creatures like me.

I know how to tie a tie.

I will remember everything from my Desired Reality when I return to my Current Reality.

I never get acne, I always smell good, and I never look bad.

I can never fall through the trick staircases and I know all of the secret passageways.

I never get tired walking or running.

I can not get expelled or put in Azkaban.

I never gain weight.

I am healthy. I cannot get sick.

I do not get periods in my Desired Reality.

I have infinite money.

My clothes fit perfectly.

I love myself.

Hogwarts allows phones and social media.


I have a safe word to return to my Current Reality. It is (blank).

I cannot get stuck in my Desired Reality.

I cannot die or incur any major harm. I feel minimal pain.

Nothing I encounter will traumatize me.

Nobody I love can die.

I know every answer to every question.

I am safe from bringing trauma between realities.

I will always remember my safe word.
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