First Years Guide to Ace Transfiguration: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for TNFG-101. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Transfiguration Glossary

Chapter 1

Animagi ⊱ Human beings who can become an animal as they wish, while still having the appearance of a human form.

Animate ⊱ Has life.

Athame ⊱ Another word for dagger.

Concentration ⊱ Focusing the mind to affect the world with magic.

Conjuration ⊱ Item that is developed by bonding the particles around us to make the item we want.

Dagger ⊱ Weapons that contain a small blade with a pointed end.

Dynamic Spells ⊱ Hits the target, but you can continue striking the item.

Fork ⊱ Cutlery to eat.

Glass ⊱ A see-through type of object. When broke, it can be very sharp.

Human Transfiguration ⊱ Altering the human physique.

Inanimate ⊱ Is lifeless.

Knowledge ⊱ The data & recollection of memories that lives in your brain.

Laws of Magic ⊱ The body of laws of all existence that forbids us to do particular magic.

Man-Made Magical Law ⊱ The rules & regulations from the Ministry of Magic.

Mass ⊱ The amount of quantity in an item.

Matchstick ⊱ Small sticks that help to create fire.

Metamorphmagi ⊱ Humans who have the skill of altering their image as they wish.

Molecules ⊱ A family of atoms that are connected together to create a chemical mixture.

Needle ⊱ A very small & thin metal used for sewing.

Pensieve ⊱ A tool that stores memories in which you & others can view.

Piccolo ⊱ A small flute that has a similar sound of a whistle.

Qualitative ⊱ Based purely on your senses; things you can describe.

Quantitative ⊱ Based on the total amount; includes numbers & lengths.

Quantum Physics ⊱ The type of physics that is unproven.

Quill ⊱ The primary wing feather of a bird used to write. Used with parchment ink.

Smoke ⊱ The result of fire.

Static Spells ⊱ Hits the target instantly & ends just as fast.

Switching Spells ⊱ Incantations that can switch the actual whereabouts of two objects or one important feature of an item.

Transfiguration ⊱ The change of the looks, features, & the formation of the object.

Transformation ⊱ The reason an item turns into something new from its original condition.

Trans-Species Transformation ⊱ An alteration of the type of thing you selected.

Untransfiguration ⊱ A sequence of spells that let you retract past transfiguration spells.

Vanishment ⊱ The reason an item vanishes from the world.

Variation ⊱ Substitute a different item instead of using the original item. The item can be similar to the original item to make the spell work.

Viciousness ⊱ The quality of energy of the object. It cannot be zero for both animate & inanimate items. There is always activity.

Wand Power ⊱ The energy of your wand & how it impacts by the wood, core, length, adaptability, & your bond you share.

Watch ⊱ Goes around your wrist & tells the time.

Weight ⊱ Dependent on the force of gravity.

Werewolves ⊱ Human most of the time, but becomes a wolf during every full moon.

Whistle ⊱ Creates one tone from a stream of air from the mouth of the one using it.

Willpower ⊱ The determination for a spell to occur to give your magic authority to bring your power to the surface.

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