Rune Dictionary

written by Venita Wessex

An introduction to the interpretation and usage of Germanic runes.

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About The Authors

Chapter 1

Melanie B. (Writer) Gabriel B. (Writer) Professor Gabriel Babbage is a faculty member at King's College, Cambridge. After leaving Hogwarts, where he was a member of Ravenclaw House, he went on to study folklore at St Andrew’s College, near Edinburgh. After completing his doctoral thesis, “The Four Elements in Wizarding Fairy Tales,” he accepted a lecturer position in the literature department. He currently lives in Cambridge, where he enjoys tutoring undergraduates, singing in a madrigal choir, and most assuredly not helping the Cambridge Hogwarts Society prepare for next year's Quidditch match against Oxford. Stephanie C. (Editor and Writer) Salem Institute '10, The University of Alabama - Currently attending Stephanie C. has lived in the United States since her move from England in 1999. After graduating from the Salem Institute, she started her degree in history and anthropology at a Muggle university and plans to continue on to get a Ph.D. in U.S. Antebellum history. She hopes to move back to England to teach once her doctoral degree is completed. Paige R. (Writer) As a Muggle-born witch in the D.C. area, Paige R. was stunned and excited to get an acceptance letter to Salem Institute in Massachusetts. She loved the academics at Salem, and made some truly amazing friends. She specialised in History of Magic and Ancient Runes, though also loved the more practical arts of Charms and Transfiguration as well. In her Sixth Year, she was granted the opportunity to study abroad for a year at Hogwarts, where she was given the opportunity to be sorted and found herself in a Hatstall between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Sorted officially into Hufflepuff, she could not be happier and enjoyed her year at Hogwarts, though it must be said that Salem Institute’s History of Magic professor was far less dull than Hogwarts’ ghostly professor! After returning to Salem Institute for her Seventh Year she graduated at the top of her class, from there continuing onto Muggle university, finding an aptitude for Muggle subjects had not diminished due to rigorous hard work she put in over the summers. While in Muggle university, she currently studies social work, but her love for history never faded, so she was ever so glad to apply to co-write a new edition of the Rune Dictionary. Mark S. (Writer) Upon graduation from Hogwarts, Mark Scrivenshift pursued his further studies at Mahoutokoro School of Magic, but not before he worked under the Committee for Experimental Charms for three years. His research and studies focused on ancient runes and Eastern magical systems. He is now a curse-breaker who enjoys studying the charms and curses of ancient sites around the world. ------

Venita Wessex (Writer of the Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhork sections) Venita Wessex is a linguist and magiarchealogist who has spent much of her career studying Asia and the Mediterranean. Her work with the Phonecian alphabet and her re-discovery of the magical uses of said alphabet has breathed new life in many old arguments surrounding previously assumed “non-magical” ancient alphabets. She currently resides in Montacute Manor, Somerset when not in the field alongside Gringotts' curse-breaker teams.

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