Notes From A Ravenclaw (Year 2)

written by Anne Pickering

NOTE: I will be coming back to this and rewriting it for the current 2nd year! Year 2 is here! This is a compilation of my Year 2 notes for all classes. There will be no essay or quizzes here. Just notes based on the lessons. These notes are in no way a substitute for reading the lessons and/or text books for each class!

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Alch 201 Week 1

Chapter 1

Lesson 1 notes

  • Introduction to Alchemy
  • Professor Rosenquist
  • Objectives
    • learn the basics
    • get settled
  • Rules
    • write notes
    • follow safety guidlines
    • no cheating
    • in an emergncy, contact the professor
    • relax
  • Alchemy
    • transmutting base metals into nobel metals
    • spiritual adventure
      • not religion
      • finding your spirit
        • essential, like concentration, will power, and focus for a spell are
      • be open minded
  • Base metals
    • corrode with oxygen
    • cheaper than nobel metals
    • fond almost anywhere
    • focusing on the general 4 base metals
  • Noble metals
    • hard to find
    • resistant to corrosion from oxygen
    • very expensive
  • Element
    • chemical substance
    • single type of specific atom
    • universal
  • Four Aspects
    • Earth, Air, Water, Fire
    • will suffice for base knowledge
  • 7 Planetary Aspects
    • celestial bodies
    • physical planets and the spirit in everyone
  • 3 primes
    • connect us to the universe
    • who we are
  • balancing spirit and ease magical flow

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