Choose Your Own Adventure – The Young Herbologist

Beware and Warning!

This book is different from other books.

You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. The wrong decision could end in disaster...

Today is your birthday and your parents, finally thinking you old enough for it, are offering you your own greenhouse. But not everything is as it seems. Will your knowledge in Herbology be enough to keep you out of trouble? Or will your decisions and lack of studying cost you more than you could have imagined...

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Chapter 92

Chapter 92

You select the choice
that says “Rat Root”.  The magical
barrier shuts down and you see a reed-like plant. Yours is about 30 centimetres
high, but you know it can grow up to one metre. You can smell the leaves from
where you are and you know that if you were to taste them, they’d be bitter.

Rat root is
an abortifacient and should therefore not be administered to pregnant women. It
is also toxic, so even though its powdered rhizomes can be used as a substitute
for ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, you remember that it is not recommended to
ingest it in high dose or over long periods of time.

However like
the riddle hinted, even if the Rat Root is toxic, it can still be used for
healing purposes. You know that on top of what was already mentioned, Rat Root
can clear a cough, relieve the strain on one’s voice, help people after a
stroke and be used in digestive potions, as a mild tonic and to calm people’s

The display
on the Rat Root says that everything is good, so it can be concluded that the
soil is moist and has enough sunlight. You notice that the soils looks more
like a marsh would and considering that Rat Root is a water plant, it makes
sense to you.

You move on
to the next display and look at the riddle only to realize that it is another

“I’m purple
and I like to bounce, but if I don’t like you, I will aim for your face.”

If you
prepare yourself to cast a Flipendo, go to Chapter 97.

If you prepare yourself to cast a Depulso, go to
Chapter 96.

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