Choose Your Own Adventure – The Young Herbologist

Beware and Warning!

This book is different from other books.

You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. The wrong decision could end in disaster...

Today is your birthday and your parents, finally thinking you old enough for it, are offering you your own greenhouse. But not everything is as it seems. Will your knowledge in Herbology be enough to keep you out of trouble? Or will your decisions and lack of studying cost you more than you could have imagined...

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

You decide to forego the
protective equipment and decide to explore your brand new greenhouse right

The next thing you see is a
shelving area with all the necessities to take care of the plants, from tools
to fertilizer. The Dragon dung, Mooncalf dung and Centaur Tears are clearly

You remember reading that
Dragon dung can be used as fertilizer or for compost and that it is odourless.
The book had also said that Mooncalf dung is gentler than the Dragon one and
therefore should be used for more sensitive plants. Being gentler also means it
is not as strong as Dragon dung. As for Centaur Tears, it is richer in vitamins
than normal water. Your research also cautioned against using it on plants
growing in salt water as the Tears are toxic to them.

You recall that some things
to consider when planting or repotting a plant are what type of soil is
required, the depth the seed or plant should be planted at as well as how much
water and sunlight the plant will need. You even remember taking notes on the
fact that some plants’ diet may change when repotting.

Looking some more around,
you notice that you have some Essence of Dittany and some other antidotes. It
reassures you that if an accident happens, you have at least a quick way of
dealing with it before warning your parents and heading to St Mungo’s if
required. Nodding to yourself, you decide to keep going with your tour.

The next section of the
greenhouse actually contains all the plants. However, as you look at it, you
notice that all the plants seem to be encased in some sort of blue magical
barrier. You approach the first one. A display of some sort appears. You read

“We cause hallucinations and
are an ingredient in the Forgetfulness Potion.”

You should have known that
you parents would make sure you actually knew your stuff before letting you
loose in a greenhouse. If you want to be able to care for those plants, you’ll
have to find the answer to the riddles.

If you answer “Mandrake”, go to Chapter 6.

If you answer “Mistletoe berries”, go to Chapter

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