Choose Your Own Adventure – The Young Herbologist

Beware and Warning!

This book is different from other books.

You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. The wrong decision could end in disaster...

Today is your birthday and your parents, finally thinking you old enough for it, are offering you your own greenhouse. But not everything is as it seems. Will your knowledge in Herbology be enough to keep you out of trouble? Or will your decisions and lack of studying cost you more than you could have imagined...

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Chapter 149

Chapter 149

As you exit
the greenhouse, you see that your father is waiting for you with a smile. As
you near him, he beckons you to sit on one of the benches with him. He explains
to you that he made the blue magical barriers so he could keep an eye on your
progress. He then looks you in the eye and says that maybe you should study
some more before heading back in the greenhouse. Before you can objet though he
tells you that he is proud to see that you took all the safety precautions you
should have and have seemed to grasp some basic Herbology. He just knows that
you can do better and finishes by letting you know that you can go to him if
you are ever unsure of something.

As he gets
up and leave, you think about what he said. It is true that you could have
reviewed a bit more before heading in the greenhouse. It would probably have
meant that none of the plants got locked down by your father’s magical barrier.
You decide that you want to make your father even prouder and so you head back
to your room to review your Herbology notebooks. Tomorrow, you will do better!


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