Choose Your Own Adventure – The Young Herbologist

Beware and Warning!

This book is different from other books.

You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. The wrong decision could end in disaster...

Today is your birthday and your parents, finally thinking you old enough for it, are offering you your own greenhouse. But not everything is as it seems. Will your knowledge in Herbology be enough to keep you out of trouble? Or will your decisions and lack of studying cost you more than you could have imagined...

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Today is your birthday and
you parents are finally thinking you old enough to have your own greenhouse. It
has been your dream since you were little to become a Herbologist. As far as
you can remember, you have been fascinated by plants, mundane and magical, and
have been studying them, even creating your own journals, first with drawings
and when you learned how to read and write, adding descriptions, properties and
you own theories. So you know today will be an extraordinary day.

After a quick shower and breakfast,
your parents walk you to the greenhouse they have set aside for you. You are so
excited that you barely register the safety talk they give you, it’s not like
you haven’t heard it before anyways. You already know all the precautions that
must be taken and have known them for ages. You just simply can’t wait for your
parents to actually unlock the door. And before you can start showing
impatience, they do. They once again tell you to be careful and let your loose
in your new world.

The first thing you see when
entering is a series of small hook and shelf. The hook is an apron while you
see Dragon-hide gloves, earmuffs and a mask on the shelf. You know the safe bet
is to wear the protective equipment, but you’re wearing pants, a long sleeve
shirt and closed toe shoes. And you just want to have a look around.

If you decide to forgo the
protective equipment and proceed further into the greenhouse without it, go to
Chapter 2.

If you decide not to risk it and to wear the
protective equipment, go to Chapter 3.

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