Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

written by [No Name]

The book is being writen by the chaser Sam Riddle, with the contribution of all members of the team, specialy of the captain Rowan Blackclaw.

This new formation was created in 2014, with Ravenclow students selected by the captain Rowan Blackclaw. The current formation is:

Seeker: Rowan Blackclaw (captain).
Chasers: Samantha Riddle, Daigona LeMort, Claire Freeman.
Beaters: Aria Lake, Robin Wilson.
Keeper - Avalynn Radcliff.
Reserve Chaser - Chiyoko Amaterasu

To know more about Ravenclaw, including the previous quidditch teams, read the book "Ravenclaw: A history", available at http://hogwartsishere.com/library/book/1551/read/

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About The Team

Chapter 1

For you all
may know better all the members of the team, follows a breave description about
each one:


Rowan Blackclaw (captain):

 Rowan is a very beautiful, red haired girl. She is pretty tall, and very friendly and kind. She is helpful to those who ask, especially with course related matters. Despite being the Ravenclaw Captain, she struggles athletically with any other sport. She is a scorpio, birthday: November 15.


Samantha Riddle: 

Samantha is a writer, and pretty shy with those who she doesn’t know well. Her speciality is the obliviate spell, that unfortunately is not permitted in Quidditch. She is a Leo, Birthday: August 11.

Daigona LeMort: 

 Diagona is a mystery to most of people, and none know her very well. She is kind and dedicated, but do not upset her, as she has a way of getting back at people. She is a Leo. Birthday: July 22

Claire Freeman:

 Claire is a gracious and intelligent red head, and is not difficult to make her Blush. She is slightly taller than average, and despite her pretty face, she is very strong. Of our chasers she is the best one. Her only difficulty is to keep her glasses on while playing. She is a Cancer. Birthday: June 4


Aria Lake: 

 Aria is one of the best Beaters to ever play for Ravenclaw. She never misses a target. She also never misses a Quidditch practice, and spends the remaining free time Reading or studying in the library. She is a lovely girl and she is an inspiration for many hogwart’s students. She is an Aries. Birthday: April 9.

Robin Wilson: 

Robin's parents were tragically murdered by a dark Wizard, but he has the best wizard education thanks to his tutor. That’s why he is a such a brilliant wizard, and muggle physical education made of him incredibly strong and sturdy. He is an Aquarius. Birthday: January 26.


Avalynn Radcliff:

 Avalynn's grandmother was a Veela, that’s why this girl is so enchanting. She is perfect for the position, since all rival quidditch boys became a little crazy near her. However, most girls dislike her and tend to focus on hitting her instead of focusing on scoring.

Reserve Chaser - Chiyoko Amaterasu

Chiyoko was born and raised in japan, where she used to play quidditch with her brothers. Everyone who look at her would think she is a 1st year girl, but actually she is at the 3rd. Even she appearing younger, she is very good by calculating the ball angles and velocity, distances and everything during the game. She is a Cancer. Birthday: June 15.

History of Ravenclaw

To know more about Ravenclaw, including the previous quidditch teams, read the book "Ravenclaw: A history", available at http://hogwartsishere.com/library/book/1551/read/

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