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The Time I Met Newt Scamander by Atticus Eisley 24 556
As you just read, I met Newt. I seriously time traveled to the 1920s! Please don't tell Albus that I stole his Time Turner, though, his Dad would kill me!
  556 Reads • 24 Chapters
A Crash Course In Family by Atticus Eisley 17 324
This is a story concept I've toyed with for a while. I figured I would see if anyone here liked it. Please give me some feedback if you read it!
  324 Reads • 17 Chapters
How did I Meet My Best Friend's Dad?! by Atticus Eisley 8 463
(On hiatus) This is a sequel for The Time I Met Newt Scamander, please enjoy! I would suggest reading The Time I Met Newt Scamander first, since the premise wouldn't make sense otherwise. Also, not my art, if you know who's it is lemme know and I'll give credits!
  463 Reads • 8 Chapters
My Poetry by Atticus Eisley 28 467
Pretty self explanatory, honestly. EDIT: So I have updated it, and I plan to slowly phase out the older crappier works as better things come along so if there's any you want saved I'd do it, and please please please read the new letter/disclaimer at the beginning because it's important
  467 Reads • 28 Chapters
Supernatural Imagines by Atticus Eisley 5 292
Pretty much the description lol I know it's weird to put SPN fanfic stuff on here, but it's the only site where I can post my writing and I kind of just want to put it out there :) Owl me with any requests with a description and pairing <3
  292 Reads • 5 Chapters
The Yard by Atticus Eisley 1 105
A horror short story I'm going to submit for a writing contest, but doubt it will go anywhere. TW: Detailed descriptions of gore and body horror, character death(also graphic), and a singular isolated usage of the word 'moist' simply because it's the only one that really fit there for me. (Also I may add on some other short stories I've made if I get requests for it, but for now this is it.)
  105 Reads • 1 Chapters
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