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Magic without purity is nothing!!! by Solar 0 0
The purity of heart is the driving force that leads the one who is good always to win at the end of fairy tale!!!
  0 Reads • 0 Chapters
Persian Wizardy school!! by Solar 1 938
Persia is a wonderful ancient land of magic and dream . The school is one of the oldest, and is about 2,500 years old. Magical transportation: flying carpet
  938 Reads • 1 Chapters
Santa Claus magic by Solar 1 657
One magical Christmas night 2 tall elfs came to my dream (vivid dream)and put me on a big colorful magical flying carpet and we arrived to the north pole city!!! suddenly I saw cute old man Santa Claus!!I couldn't believe that I am in Santa home with his lovely elf !!
  657 Reads • 1 Chapters
She suddenly moved her magic wand upon which I shapes… by Solar 1 751
Some years ago, I had one out of body experience, I found myself in a huge place, somewhere floating in the sky. I turned my head and noticed one magician woman with a colorful and strange cloths. She came close to me and asked me if I want to take a risk and have some fun together. I look at her and told her that “if I am save, and I will come back to my body promptly – that I will trust you and…
  751 Reads • 1 Chapters
Golden wisdom by Solar 1 603
With Learning magic without wisdom and awareness, without purity and true intentions you will Have Nothing!! casting spell and charm things is cool and fun, but be like Harry potter and make big changes in this world!!use your knowledge and magic to help others not to harm !!
  603 Reads • 1 Chapters
How I killed the Lord Voldemort in parallel universe by Solar 2 771
We have infinite parallel universe,so if in one universe harry potter killed the Lord Voldemort in another universe maybe lord still exists and doing evil things it was few years after battle of Hogwarts and publishing game and books of Harry potter that I had this experience!
  771 Reads • 2 Chapters
Golden Fairy by Solar 2 955
It was first time in my life that extremely beautiful golden fairy visit me in Astral realms when I shifted to Astral world,she transformed to gold ,it means she herself transformed in to the gold !!it happened around 2017 !
  955 Reads • 2 Chapters
King Fairy and his friends by Solar 2 613
It was one magical night after I went to one beautiful forest in Switzerland and connect my body and soul to nature (oh such a mysterious forest ,I love forest in Switzerland) in dream that I think it was astral projection I met king fairy oh wow and all his friends read more !
  613 Reads • 2 Chapters
My teleportation to Hogwarts castle by Solar 1 818
It was few months ago ,after lunch I felt so sleepy I closed my eyes and suddenly I was in parallel universe,one group of magical students were practicing wandless magic (they were changing clothes,walls and object colours)I joined the group and was able to pass the test and create and change colours suddenly one male wizard invited me to his table!
  818 Reads • 1 Chapters
When I was a fairy (my past life) by Solar 1 636
I remember when I was a beautiful fairy Environment was so magical and mother earth was the only goddesses that rule the entire earth but not with her ego with her pure kindness and generosity.. I could see i am flying around the flower and jumping, i was so cute with pointy nose, my dress was green and so many magical flowers were patterns of my cute dress..i was producing fairy dust and spe…
  636 Reads • 1 Chapters
The Veil between dream and physical world disappeared by Solar 1 630
Omg it was one of the extremely unique experience I had in my life,years ago when reptilians started to attack star seeds and higher dimensional beings like me ,so many big black dark bats in physical and astral appeared to me everywhere I went and one night in lower Astral world is what happened ,my dream in astral realms: so many black bats were flying towards me to attack Me ,I was shouting an…
  630 Reads • 1 Chapters
Me magical owl and Dumbledroe by Solar 1 601
Few weeks after my astral teleportation to Hogwarts in parallel universe (parallel castle not this world parallel world)and after they invited me to castle I had this experience,one night or midnight I had very deep sleep and strong vivid dream that I think it was parallel universe i found myself in the forbidden forest,it was cold dark and I was afraid suddenly big owl fly above my head and few …
  601 Reads • 1 Chapters
I got my letter but in parallel universe by Solar 1 792
Not everybody will be invite to Hogwarts the same way or the same age !!!As I said before in this life time I didn't get my Hogwarts invitation letter but I remember after my astral teleportation to Hogwarts castle few weeks after they actually sent me letter,so this is my experience,after lunch I went to bed to sleep like always paranormal and magical forces trying to talk to me and send me mess…
  792 Reads • 1 Chapters
Blue planet by Solar 1 566
Do you know about The Blue planet??? She incarnated from blue planet ,the planet that is very very far from the earth ,even her skin colour was blue , shinny and so attractive,she could remember something from her past lifess many thousands years ago ,she is very sad why after she felt down from blue planet never could find a way to go back home .
  566 Reads • 1 Chapters
The Blue planet 2 by Solar 1 600
Everything was blue colour,ocean ,SKy,grass and lands,trees even shinning object like moons was light bright blue ,she remembered her skin was blue with so many silver colour small star shape that naturally was painted all around her body ,her eyes also was big blue silver and so deep and mysterious,she remembered in her planet no body could tell lie or fake himself,all your emotions and feeling …
  600 Reads • 1 Chapters
Imagination by Solar 1 641
I am here to help your imagination, wild imagination,the world that anything is possible,for me imagination is everything,is something that help me to escape nightmare or painful experience in my daily life or night dream time ,come to my world the place that is very mystical and impossible is impossible, imagination is your key to exit the matrix, remember imagination is your key !!!
  641 Reads • 1 Chapters
Real experiences in Astral and parallel universe in D… by Solar 1 633
My first invitation letter to the magic world was sent by extremely beautiful golden fairy, second one two tall elfs from Santa Claus winter wonderland put me on flying carpet and invited me to center of all magical cities and reality that is heaven and we all know is winter wonderland that Santa Claus manage it and then Gaia mother earth invited me to her garden and after so many other small exp…
  633 Reads • 1 Chapters
Quartz crystal and my star family by Solar 1 607
Quartz crystal is very magical and can connect you to your true soul spirit (true self)after carrying one pure beautiful piece of quartz crystal and meditate with that ,one night suddenly I woke up and started to talk very wired otherworldly language,and seeing star Alien blue skin people in my minds eyes,after this shocking experience when I search in internet about it I understood my light lang…
  607 Reads • 1 Chapters
Magical Dandelions by Solar 1 649
My first experiences with fairies or Earth Angel before seeing fairy in physical and Astral form or even know about them !!it started with Dandelions,yes whenever I was sad and confuse or waiting for something (events to happen) or I was worry suddenly one or groups of Dandelions through winds dancing were floating or flying above my head , beacuse I have strong intuition I could feel this is …
  649 Reads • 1 Chapters
Persian school of witchcraft and wizardry by Solar 1 1,050
Tabriz Sanadaj school specialises in Transfiguration, potion making, Magizoology, Alchemy and astronomy, and they have a long list of very famous wizards who have invented potions and spells unknown to the western schools like Hogwarts. The school is one of the oldest, and is about 2,500 years old. It was founded by several sorcerers and mainly by Persian King Darius in 528 BC to help train his B…
  1,050 Reads • 1 Chapters
Foggy Hogsmeade by Solar 1 587
I can not believe it but I knew is possible,I never saw hogsmeade except few pictures and information in internet but last night I had real shifting there ,maybe I was watching my future self In parallel universe,but I was in hogsmeade and it was so cold everywhere full of snow and extremely foggy,no sun it was all foggy I was carrying my wand all the time with me , suddenly one dark male wizard …
  587 Reads • 1 Chapters
Magical goddess by Solar 1 500
In magical world,pure wise women are those that know their value ,they know they are goddess and creative,they are powerful but sensitive,to be sensitive is not weakness but beautiful, beacuse people with sensitive nature are more magical & Art lover,music,paint, photography, dance all are connected to the Art field, magical women know that they can be independent and warrior,Gaia is also goddess…
  500 Reads • 1 Chapters
Magical Rings by Solar 1 498
Did you know in Persian school of witchcraft and wizardy they use magical Ring not magic wand for practice , charm and spell !!!! And rings are extremely powerful and they use very complicated method to make it !
  498 Reads • 1 Chapters
Persian Kāve Ahangar defeat his enemy evil dark lord … by Solar 2 663
Persian hero Kāve Āhangar is a 5000-year-old figure in Iranian mythology who leads a popular uprising against a ruthless foreign ruler, Zahāk. His story is narrated in the Shahnameh, the national epic of Iran (Persia), by the 10th-century Persian poet Ferdowsi. Illustration of Kaveh surrounded by his followers in a World War II magazine Kaveh the blacksmith on a stamp of the Iranian Soviet Soci…
  663 Reads • 2 Chapters
Merlin wishes ( peace between muggle world and Wizard… by Solar 2 499
Merlin was a wizard so famous and so open about his magical abilities that he's famous within both the wizarding and Muggle communities, and a huge reason for that is because he intentionally revealed himself to Muggles in the hopes that the Wizarding and Muggle worlds could eventually become one. His grand ideas and impact on wizards led to the figure becoming immortalized on a Chocolate Frog Ca…
  499 Reads • 2 Chapters
Evil beings wake up or die !!! by Solar 1 529
Everywhere you go they use evil harmful people to make destruction and spread virus and negativity,in this library dirty human that have miserable life and nothing to lose ,also unhealthy relationship with their family,they are cheater, asshole and have dark evil dirty soul ,those people are haunting places that is magical and people are learning something and with using sexual advertisement,or n…
  529 Reads • 1 Chapters
Black magic by Solar 1 635
Love spell is very popular magic in the world, however I think you should never cast love spell to marry someone or have partner (real relationship) beacuse is temporary and you are manipulating mind and life path of your target (the person you love),if you really love someone just be real and talk about your feelings if he or she wants you then start the relationship if not accept that he or she…
  635 Reads • 1 Chapters
phoenix ashes in my dream by Solar 1 544
Last night when I was dreaming suddenly I found myself in a very magical place and I noticed one very big phoenix ashes bottle on a table close to me,it was very magical & I was watching very weird smoke (gray colour)coming out of the phoenix ashes bottle and I took some ashes and spread around and I was trying to make everywhere full of ashes and make the place even more magical with those phoe…
  544 Reads • 1 Chapters
Shifter by Solar 1 633
He was shifter,and shifted from his parallel universe to our universe,he said in his universe everything works similar like this world but people are more spiritual and cities and technology is more advanced ،he said government and people are friends and government give their people permission to use time travel machine ، and people are more familiar with subliminal, shifting, astral projection a…
  633 Reads • 1 Chapters
Silvery by Solar 1 554
Magical rays tell me tell me what is the secret of the life that is center of your light or even those shiny sparks that moves everywhere around it !! Last night some of those shiny magical dust were dancing around me under full moon and silvery moon light,I could see ,feel and understand the love !!here I am,my emotion is very silvery,and my heart beats with those magical rays,I invited those …
  554 Reads • 1 Chapters
My death at The Battle of Hogwarts by Solar 1 528
I was one of those warrior that died at the battle of Hogwarts,my past life !!!now today I am here,I don't remember anything from my past ,last night one wizard told me you scarified your life to save the Hogwarts and the reason you love the castle so much is beacuse of your past life and castle found you and invited you to come back home again,it doesn't mean I should study all 7 years it means …
  528 Reads • 1 Chapters
Unique energy by Solar 1 554
If you see this unique energy and instead of attacking it admire it and respect it then this unique energy will send her blessings to you and you can expand and grow,but if you see this unique energy and felt bad why you are not as unique as this and trying to vanish,harm or any negative intention towards it then that unique energy will back fire on you your evil or wrong intentions, beacuse that…
  554 Reads • 1 Chapters
Hogwarts secrets by Solar 1 602
Sara was 25 years old ,she was so smart and kind,one day after class she decided to talk with her magical teacher about Hogwarts secrets,her magical teacher talked to her about 2 hours and in the end she showed her black green door,she said to Sara that only pure heart can see this door and is a portal to infinity,Sara was so excited to know more about this door and all the secrets that is behind…
  602 Reads • 1 Chapters
Hogwarts secrets 2 by Solar 1 486
One day Sara and her magical teacher decided to open that green black MAGICAL door ,but before that they went to the library and searched alot about this black green door , finally the book started to fly above Sara head and call her name very loudly,Sara oh pls pick me up ,after Sara took the book and opened it suddenly something very strange happened and Sara with her magical teacher teleported…
  486 Reads • 1 Chapters
Hogwarts secrets 3 by Solar 1 522
Suddenly one beautiful golden key like heart shape appeared infont of Sara,and Sara took that magical key,the key started to vibrate very fast and suddenly strong golden lights emanated from the key and the secret map appears on those shiny rays.. meanwhile beautiful golden bird jumped out from the shiny map and started to dance around Sara very fast ,Sara was shocked and suddenly went unconscio…
  522 Reads • 1 Chapters
Sara and magical blue bird by Solar 1 488
When Sara visited that magical blue bird she wished she could be free and fly like her without limitation,the blue bird told her if you want me to grant your wish you have to give something in return your wish will be granted and is that you should always be real even if you lose so many friends and Sara replies to the bird : I prefer to be real, honest,direct,rude and stay alone Than To be man…
  488 Reads • 1 Chapters
Why Santa Claus needs my help??? by Solar 2 543
After I was invited to the winterwonderland (Santa Claus magical city) fairies everyday comes to my dream and ask me to help Santa!!! before that I was thinking Santa Claus is the most powerful man on planet earth and I needed his help and knowledge of angelic Magic but after fairies told me Santa needs my help I was questioning myself why Santa need one young woman without any magical expert to …
  543 Reads • 2 Chapters
Most powerful spell in the world by Solar 1 602
Do you want to know what is the most powerful spell in the world that is wandless and permanently without side affects and back fire????do you think you are enough smart,wise and wonderful that are able to cast this spell to change your life forever?? unfortunately there is no word,or incantation but this spell works with your intention and heart ,how to cast this spell ??open your heart and focu…
  602 Reads • 1 Chapters
Sara enters dream worlds (story 1) by Solar 1 500
Sara is very magical and smart,she is very gifted and has lucid dream, astral projection and shifting abilities like nobody else,she is able to remove the Veil between dream and reality, and she thinks life is much bigger than what we think and they showed us ,we should discover ourselves and life inside and out more than we discovering caves and mountains on earth beacuse inside of us is much bi…
  500 Reads • 1 Chapters
Sara enters dream world (story 2) by Solar 1 496
Sara is very good dreamer, maybe you don't believe it but she even can find her lost items in a dream (location that is the item)then wake up and find the items,like few times she Lost her key,ring and etc..she found her boyfriend,her pets,her past lifess,her future and so many other things just in dream,very simple she close her eyes and enter dream world and is the way she has all those things …
  496 Reads • 1 Chapters
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