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Magical Mercury - Log Book Of A Different Holiday by Alexis Constance Guillory 7 1,125
In 2075, the Wizarding World, with the help of an ingenious muggleborn Rune Master, scientist and engineer, was able to create a permanent base on Mercury. The mission was two-fold: testing and hopefully finding traces of magic outside of our planet, and to fund the base and research by allowing civilians to visit Mercury. In 2082, Cynthia Cousland realized one of her dreams by being one of those…
  1,125 Reads • 7 Chapters
Choose Your Own Adventure – The Young Herbologist by Alexis Constance Guillory 150 13,071
Beware and Warning!<br /> <br />This book is different from other books.<br /> <br />You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.<br /> <br />There are dangers, choices, adventures and consequences. The wrong decision could end in disaster...<br /><br />Today is your birthday and your parents, finally thinking you old enough for it, are offering you your own greenhouse. But not …
  13,071 Reads • 150 Chapters
Charms Journal by Alexis Constance Guillory 8 1,821
Follow the author as she discovers the joys and pains of learning charms. You will not only learn a few tips here and there, but you will also get to know more about her and some of her strange quirks. Enjoy this adventure in the mind of... oh look shiny!
  1,821 Reads • 8 Chapters
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