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<font size= 2> <font face=couriernew>- Name: Arlo Hackett
- House: Hufflepuff
- Gender: Male
- Sexuality: Questioning (bi?)
- Patronus: A dog
- Appearance: He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he has a ton of freckles. His smile is a bit crooked and he has dimples in his cheeks.
- Notable features: Arlo is usually seen roaming the castle with is service dog Leila by his side. She's an Australian Shepherd.

- Backstory:
Arlo was born in Ireland to two muggle parents. He grew up in a small town, where he lived together with his parents, grandma and his two older sisters. He was a very polite and quiet child. Whenever someone needed help with anything, Arlo would always drop whatever task he was busy with just to lend a helping hand.
He was often found with the horses or the cattle as he had a big love for animals. One animal in particular; his service dog Leila.
Leila was taught to help Arlo with his severe anxiety disorder along with his heart-rythm issues, and the two developed a very strong bond. Everywhere where Arlo was, Leila could be seen right by his side. As Arlo grew in age and he received treatment, his anxiety symptoms got less severe, but there was still no seperating the Australian shepherd from her owner.

One day, an owl was found knocking on their letter with a very peculiar letter tied to it's leg. That letter was Arlo's acceptance letter to Hogwarts! The surprise in the family was big, but the support and the pride was even bigger. Their boy was magical! But there was one question that kept Arlo awake at night.

Would this mean that he had to be seperated from his dog Leila? The thought of going to the school all by himself terrified him, almost to the point where he was ready to give up on the idea.
Fortunately, special arrangements could be made. Arlo was allowed to take Leila with him to Hogwarts as she was a very well-trained and behaved service animal. It got him a lot of second glances from people walking past him in the halls at the times when he had his dog with him, but the thing that mattered to him most was that he was not alone in this.
In the Sorting Hat's opinion there was no denying it; Arlo had to be a Hufflepuff! And so, a new chapter of his life had begun.
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