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Hi. I'm an eighteen-year-old witch currently training to become an Auror at the Ministry for Magic. I like studying Dark Arts and being with friends.

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My parents never believed I had what it took to work in Magical Law Enforcement. I am the youngest of five, (the oldest of which is twenty years older than I), which meant I was always treated like I was too young and inexperienced to ever live up to the standards set by my three oldest siblings, all of whom work high up in the Ministry. Even when I was sorted into Slytherin, as the first in my family of Ravenclaws and one Gryffindor (my four years older brother, the "Sirius Black" of the family), my parent's didn't see the ambition I had in me and only thought it was a sign that I was not as clever as my brothers and sisters.
Despite (and largely TO spite) them, I was one of the best students in my year- excelling above average in Defence against the Dark Arts, Potions and Transfiguration as well as becoming chaser for the Slytherin Quidditch team in my second year. It was during my fourth year that my Defence against the Dark Arts teacher suggested a career as an Auror- and that's what I'm working towards now.
Presently, I am an apprentice- doing paperwork for, and following around an Auror who acts as my Mentor. Being this close to the Dark Arts is simoultaneously frightening and exhilirating, and I have learned so much since I started. Naturally, there is one or the other menial task, but I'm set on becoming the very best.
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