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When I first came to Hogwarts i was so excited. I wasn't really sure what house I wanted to be in but when I finally sat down, my heart beating fast, on the stool in the great-hall, the sorting-hat didn't hesitate for more than two seconds before shouting, Slytherin! Now I well know why he was so sure of me being in Slytherin, I'm both ambitious, cunning, determined and will do anything to get to where I want to be in life and I'm really glad the sorting-hat saw that 'cause being in Slytherin and being surrounded by such talented people motivates me even more to do what my heart tells me to do.

These days you’ll probably find me in the common room hanging out with my fellow Slytherie friends, or in the library treating myself some quiet alone-time but in that case you’d better keep off ‘cause no one wants to disturb a resting dragon. Unless you have something extremely urgent, or something worth noting, you’d better not bother me either. If you’re not a good friend or isn’t willing to repay my deeds, please don’t waste my time. I’m mostly friendly though, you shouldn’t be too scared to confront me, if you’re a first year I’ll be more than willing to help.

My favorite class is probably Potions.I totally suck at History of Magic but I'll have to admit some of it is quite interesting. A class I'm really good at is Herbology even though that's sort of embarrassing and I really don't fancy taking care of magical plants. I'm a half-blood (my father's a wizard) and I've grown up in a very accepting family and getting the Hogwarts-letter was quite a blast, even though I already knew I was a witch. I had some people looking down on me for not being a "real Slytherin" but I got around it (more on that another time).

Since I was born after Voldemort died I personally wasn't affected by his power but I know that my dad had to be quite hidden, it didn't help that he too was a Slytherin like me and many suspected him of being a Death Eater because he often left work early to look out for my older brother, who was supposed to start at hogwarts the year after. We later moved to Sweden. Since there aren't any school in Sweden my parents thought I too should go to Hogwarts like my brother. They got used to travel to London every year through apparition and therefore my brother got exceptionally good at it after a while. Since I too had to go to Hogwarts my dad started teaching me very early to apparate, which of course isn't an easy thing to do but I'd say I'm fairly good as of now.

My greatest strength would probably be loyalty, I'd stand up for anyone I consider a friend no matter what. Don't confuse loyalty with trustworth though, I judge things very differently from other people and thus a big secret to you could be the smallest thing to me and it could slip up in a conversation with anybody although this is rare. Besides not being trustworthy at times I'd say my greatest weakness is either my hot temper or being too ambitious to the point of being afraid of failure. This is of course mostly a good thing but i often set too high goals, or too distant ones for myself and that leads to a lot of doubt and anxiousness about the future. This is of course something to work on but as it is now I think it’s my greatest weakness.

Having too distant goals is something that affects me a lot some days and it doesn’t help that I’m not sure of a what I want to do in the future. I have a lot of interests but what I’d most like to do in the future is being in a rock- or metal-band of some sort but I also think it would be really cool writing novels. Both of these aren’t usually full-time jobs and so I’d have to do something else too but it’s not easy. I can’t work with something I don’t want to, that’d be torture, but I guess it’ll be fine once I get there.

What fascinates me the most about magic is the fact that you can do almost anything you like. You can transform an apple into an apple-pie, you can manipulate people into doing things they wouldn’t do otherwise (yes I know it’s forbidden but just as an example of the possibilities) and you can change clothes in a motion. This still is incredible to me although I’ve always been able to use magic. I don’t know what I’d like to do with my magical powers, it’s not something I usually think about. Maybe sometime I’d use it to benefit from it for myself but I’d definitely not intend to use it for bad things.

What I really want in life I think is freedom and not being restrained to money alone. I want to do things I enjoy and live life to its fullest. This is something I don’t think is actually possible in the society today but it’s a dream I have and will strive to fulfill it.

My family isn’t that different from any others, we have both traditions from the muggle-world and our world but generally we’re pretty much a full-blood family to the way we act. My grandfather was a full-blood and he keeps his traditions dearly, like an old friend. It’s kind of funny if you think about it, my dad first got together with a full-blood and had my brother and he could well have kept the bloodline going but instead he followed his heart and married my mother instead. I can imagine the disappointment my grandfather felt at first but after having me he was the happiest man alive, maybe he only was happy because he knew he had one grandchild at least to send our bloodline going and he, my brother of course, to no one's surprise didn’t disappoint. I’m actually not that close to my family although I’m very proud of being a Lynch and sometimes I wish I knew my grandfather better. I don’t know about our lineage but my grandfather told me one time when I was little that we’re one of many few families that still isn’t recorded in any history books at all. One of the reason I think is that our late ancestors probably kept the bloodline going without anyone knowing they even had a child with another full-blood and thus kept holding on to it. Our family probably only kept the, not having children with anyone other than full-bloods, inside the house and thus on the outside we was seen as any other family. Of course I’m not certain but it could be a possibility. Another reason I’d say that is even more accurate is that we aren’t a complete full-blood family, I mean what family is. But my grandfather sure keeps his mouth shut about it.
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