Monique Lily Snape

potions professor

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  • Australia


Born into a Half-blood family, I was always fascinated by potions. I attended Hogwarts at the age of 11 at became friends with a kid named Albus Dumbledore .I kept receiving acceptance letters until I was 100. how did I get acceptance letters at that age? I hear you ask, well I have a secret... I only age by telling lies. when I was 100 I received an acceptance letter while staying at my friend Lily Evans house. I explained to her all about Hogwarts. when we got there however, Lily and I were sorted into different houses, me in Slytherin and Lily in Gryffindor. during my first potions lesson, I made a new friend, Severus Snape. he shared my love for potions. Unfortunately, after those years at Hogwarts, I lost contact with Lily and Severus. after some time I got an owl from Lily. she was inviting me to stay over on All Hallows Eve. of course I accepted and on that night I found out why she had failed to talk to me. she was married to James Potter and they had a son, Harry. during the night I heard something upstairs. I heard Lily scream, silence. as I ran upstairs I saw something disappear into the night. as I got to the landing in front of Harry's room someone pushed past me. it was Severus. He stood cradling Lily's limp body while I went to pick up the crying Harry. in ten years time I received another acceptance letter. this one had an attachment from Dumbledore promising it to be the last. then I received a letter from Snape asking if I wanted to work part time as potions professor, I accepted. we had to come up with a way to tell the students how I knew Severus, so we said he was my father. and when I was 143 harry was put into the triwizard tournament.
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